Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mini-Moonface Wins!

Three things to note:

1. Back in April, when undertaking my John Howard/Joan Ferguson intertextual analysis, I referred to how Joan was eventually brought down by Rita 'The Beater' Connors.

Quote me:

But don't despair - just when we thought nothing would ever stop Joan Ferguson, along came blonde bikie Rita Connors - and the rest is history...Someday, my blonde bikie will come too.

Kev's a vary unnertrectif men, but he is blond...

2. Am I the only one to have noticed an unsettling resemblance between

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3. How dare any feral lefty get her lesbian knickers in a knot about Uncle Rupert supposedly being biased against the Labor Party, or using his media machine to prop up Howard at every conceivable opportunity?

I thought yesterday's heading in the Tele, 'Rudderless', and sub-heading, 'Kevin leads Kim on sinking ship', was a completely objective, fair and responsible piece of reporting.

See, the Tele has a machine that can see into the future - that's how it's able to report with absolutely certainty things that haven't actually happened yet, e.g. Labor losing the next election.

Bet you feel pretty stupid for thinking the Tele is biased now, doncha? Huh?


At 5/12/06 5:26 pm, Blogger "AK" Adam said...

Um, I would regard Rudd as being grey rather than blonde and, yes, he's not exactly a cane-fed QLD adonis, folksy farm-boy origins notwithstanding. (Where does an outback sharefarmer's son get such an irritatingly pompous manner?)

I can even remember seeing an article -- which must surely have been written by an aged, lefty lesbian hack -- which suggested that Rudd was oddly (or words to that effect) sexy. Certainly odd that the wag in question found him sexy, I would argue.

Anyway, my views on the matter of Rudd's snagging the Lab leadership were best expressed, strangely enough, by John Howard, when he said, inter alia, something along the lines that, cliches about forks-in-the-road aside, it is substance that matters rather than style.

He was bagging Rudd's assertion that the Rudd/Gillard ticket offers a "new style" of leadership, but his comments were still insaightful; after all, he and his political career constitute an unlikely victory of substance over style. And, from what I have seen, Rudd has far more substance than style.

Not that that is difficult in his -- or Labor's -- case, but you never know ...

He is probably the best chance they will have for a fair while.

At 5/12/06 6:26 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Perhaps he gets his irritatingly pompous manner from the same place as the son of an Earlwood service station proprietor, Adam.

And if 'substance' is corrupt, unaccountable governance, cynical voter manipulation through populist right-wing rhetoric and a refusal to move into the 21st century on social policy, then I'll take Rudd's shallow style any day.

Howard making judgments about a politician's lack of substance is a bit like Lindsay Lohan accusing someone of lack of self-restraint.

At 6/12/06 7:16 pm, Blogger "AK" Adam said...

No matter where he gets it from, it is an image consultant's nightmare. But that can be a strength: "I am what I am and all that sort-of-thing, etc". Especially if there are some ideas there that weren't generated through marginal seat, focus-group research to back it up. Who am I kidding, any ideas at all would be a huge improvement.

And, you know, to win, you guys are simply going to have to get over the Howard derangement syndrome -- corrupt? What on earth are you basing that on?

You can throw around as many derogatory adjectives as you like about Howard but, to Struggle Street (see, I learned a new word after reading Jonestown), Battler Hills, or whatever one calls those 'burban marginals you need to win to turf the devil incarnate out of the lodge, it comes across as naked emperor stuff.

Meanwhile, inner city poseurs and fauxhemians (at least, ones who are not totally abnormal like yours truly) aren't terribly concerned about right-wing populism in respect of David Hicks, refugees, or whatever the totem of the day is.

To his credit, I reckon Rudd realises this. He certainly has the battler credentials. As I said before, he is the best chance you guys have.

At 6/12/06 7:52 pm, Blogger Sam said...

'You can throw around as many derogatory adjectives as you like about Howard...'

Gee thanks, Adam - I take after your lead. ('irritatingly pompous manner', 'aged, lefty lesbian hack', etc)

'corrupt? What on earth are you basing that on?'

Just a niggling little thing called AWB. Oh that's right, that wasn't corruption was it, just willing negligence and gross incompetence. My bad.

And remember the three, I think it was, ministers who were sacked within the first term of the Howard government, in the days when he used to enforce his ministerial code of conduct?

'And, you know, to win, you guys are simply going...'

Don't be so presumptuous - I'm not a Labor member or supporter. I just believe they're the lesser of two evils.

'inner city poseurs and fauxhemians...aren't terribly concerned about right-wing populism in respect of David Hicks, refugees, or whatever the totem of the day is...'

I don't know if you're referring to me specifically here - if you are, please have the courage and courtesy to do so directly - but for me, an unconvicted Australian citizen having the expectation of and right to a swift and speedy trial, no matter what he's been accused of, is nothing to do with populism - it's an essential component of our judicial system.

But keep flying the flag Adam - it's always oddly entertaining to see a gay man apologise for and defend such a potently anti-gay government and Prime Minister. Masochism in action.

At 6/12/06 9:57 pm, Blogger "AK" Adam said...

Oh dear, gay and Liberal: I must be some sort of class enemy or something! Get out the whips and, err, cock rings, we clearly have a ,asochist on our hands!

Sam, the sexuality is not my choice -- not that I'm cut up about it or anything -- the politics aren't. I am actually quite comfortable with my attitudes in that respect, as it happens.

On the corruption stuff, you may be aware that the department, let alone the minister, was rather absolved of that sort of thing by the judicial inquiry. Indeed, as I understand it, the only judidicial inquiry launched by an oil-for-fraud affected polity. Perhaps a Stalin star-chamber would have been more effective at justifying your prejudices?

And I am not referring to you specifically, Sam. If I were I would indeed have pulled you up personally. I was merely putting forward my opinion on what your side (even if it isn't exactly "your" side) should be doing if they want to win the next election.

At 6/12/06 10:08 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Stalin star-chamber?

Grow up.

At 6/12/06 10:11 pm, Blogger "AK" Adam said...

All I was saying is that the independent umpire found less (or no) malfeasance than many of the haters had hoped.

Is the short, perfunctory response due to the lack of credible counter-arguments?

At 6/12/06 10:16 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Of course there was no finding against the government - it rigged the terms of reference so no minister could be found guilty as Cole could not rule on the government's culpability.

Even the extremely Lib-friendly Australian has repeatedly condemned the limitation of the terms and repeatedly called for Downer's resignation, at a minimum.

I'll take you and your 'credible counter-argument' request seriously when you stop throwing in bullshit about Stalin star chambers, ok?

At 6/12/06 10:43 pm, Blogger "AK" Adam said...

OK, star chambers are gone. What is the counter-argument. As much as I like the Oz as a paper, they don't eliminate the fact that Australia was the only country, to my knowledge, that set up any sort of inquiry into an oil-for-fraud excess.

In addition, one must keep in mind that the UN was the responsible authority for the programme. The fact is that all sorts of people -- including Kofi Annan's son -- made a lot of money from Iraqi oil corruption. Indeed, the whole process relied upon the left-wing government in Iraq getting a cut of the action.

If you want a scapegoat for the farce, the UN is a far more credible candidate than the Oz government.

At 6/12/06 11:02 pm, Blogger Sam said...

'If you want a scapegoat for the farce, the UN is a far more credible candidate than the Oz government.'

As per the government spin, which I'll never believe any sooner than you stop believing it.

If you wish to keep debating a topic on which we'll never reach concensus, please email me as I don't like cluttering my post comments on the same argument ad nauseum.

For now, I've had a long, shitty day and it's bedtime for me. Ni night.

At 7/12/06 9:12 am, Anonymous Stephen said...

One might be mistaken for thinking you two don't like each other.

At 7/12/06 9:35 am, Blogger nash said...

lovers' spat?

At 7/12/06 9:45 am, Anonymous Bazza said...

Could Adam, possibly be the other half of deadnaught ?

At 7/12/06 10:03 am, Blogger Sam said...

Nah, just a difference in political perspective flaring up.

I don't find Adam to be as much of a prat as other right-wing bloggers - he just caught me at a bad time.

At 7/12/06 8:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unresolved sexual tension if ever I saw it! ;o) If this were Neighbours you two would be married within 6 months. Chris


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