Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Mystery of 2:53pm

So what exactly happened on 2:53pm on Sunday afternoon that gave Thorpie such clarity of mind?

Did the Braziliano water polo player come across his face with seed so sweet, he realised he had to make cock his No 1 priority instead of swimming?

Just a theory.


At 21/11/06 7:29 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

That's exactly what all the TV newses were saying, anyway.

At 21/11/06 8:51 pm, Blogger Ron said...

I think the rodent had a word in his ear and they came (in the literal sense) to an agreement to make his announcement to hide the fact that the rodent is taking us down the nuclear path. It became a second level news item.

Going on recent pics of him, Thorpe is going to one very fat man in the next year or two.

PS Shit ... the thought of the rodent's face during orgasm is going to give me nightmares tonight!

At 21/11/06 8:56 pm, Blogger Arthur_Vandelay said...

Did the Braziliano water polo player come across his face with seed so sweet, he realised he had to make cock his No 1 priority instead of swimming?


At 21/11/06 9:02 pm, Blogger Lord Sedgwick said...

Ew, you are so Dick Emery awful you naughty fairy penguinievere ... but I like it.

(But does Throppey measure up for the apparently frothing at the mouth Prime Minister's *eleven* ? (Boom, boom?)

At 21/11/06 10:32 pm, Blogger Ron said...

Prime minister's eleven?

I doubt he's that well hung: that's why he's in politics. Short cock syndrome.

At 22/11/06 2:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know your outing policy...

What has Thorpey done to have his sex life the matter of public comment?

At 22/11/06 9:09 am, Blogger Sam said...

I'm just thinking aloud, anon. I haven't outed him as he's done a fine enough job of that himself, sounding, looking and acting like a big fag and all.

At 22/11/06 11:11 am, Blogger nash said...

Oh no, I can see it now. He'll be in the next series of Dancing with the Stars plus a guest stint in Home & Away

At 22/11/06 11:30 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

Okay Nash, that has to be the most disgusting thing said about Thorpey. He does not deserve 'Dancing with the Stars', actually none of us do.

At 22/11/06 11:45 am, Anonymous Andrew said...

Apparently Thorpe is seeing someone. And in describing "them" he uses that magic non-committal pronoun "they" or "this person" ~four~ times in this article in the SMH… http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/thorpes-mystery-adviser/2006/11/21/1163871386964.html
I'm not implying anything of course, just found it interesting.

At 22/11/06 11:54 am, Anonymous Andrew said...

Ok maybe it was just some woman after all. :(

At 22/11/06 12:44 pm, Blogger nash said...

But Jahteh, what if he does it with a twist?

And now, dancing the cha cha, please welcome to the floor, Ian Thorpe and his partner... [insert boy's name here]

At 22/11/06 4:59 pm, Blogger Ron said...

A foot fetishist would have his work cut out for him.

At 22/11/06 6:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if he is a fag, let him come out in his own time.

But I am confused how you can justify tip-toeing around the sexual lives of Alan Jones and Milton Orkopoulous - you know, people with actual power that they wield, yet you consider an olympic swimmer fair game?

Out the rest of the hypocrites in parliament and maybe I won't consider you one.

Sorry if this is snarky, but I am pretty damn well pissed off.

At 22/11/06 6:56 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I've not done that anon - I defended Jones against unsubstantiated accusations of paedophilia but never 'tip-toed' around his homosexuality. And besides, it's well-known he's a fag - he's never denied it.

As for Orkopolous, I had no idea about his homosexuality - in fact I'd barely heard of the man - until the paedophilia charges were first raised.

Thorpe has outrightly claimed he is not gay. If that is a lie - and I suspect is it - then that makes him fair game.

At 22/11/06 11:11 pm, Anonymous ninglun said...

I think gay men would like Ian to be gay, in fact I confess... ;) However, I do (did) know someone well who was close to Ian for several years, and he says he simply does know whether Ian is gay. It may be Ian is telling the truth. Aren't straight people allowed to "look and act like a big fag"? Maybe more should; not to mention quite a few gay people who do the opposite -- "straight-acting" and all that.

But isn't this whole discussion a little bit dated?

Mind you, it would be nice if he was.

As for your post, I really did take it in what I think is the spirit intended. I am responding more to the comments. (I have even wondered -- a long shot -- if "anon" is the person I refer to who knew Ian. I know this person has read this blog, and the commenter's raising your possible double standards would be in character for him, as would his being anonymous. But I guess I will never know.)

At 22/11/06 11:14 pm, Anonymous ninglun said...

That should read "simply does NOT know whether Ian is gay"!!

At 23/11/06 3:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh ninglun let me respond!

I do not know Ian. I have met people who said they have a friend who has had sex with him. Do I believe it? I'm not sure. I would like him to come out as gay - he would be a heck of a role model. But quite frankly, I don't give a shit where athletes put their poker, and the discussion hardly warrants a public hearing. It's friggin gossip for fucks sake.

Thank-you Sam for replying. Your defense of Alan Jones would be admirable had anyone accused him of paedophilia. But that is a right-wing furphy to anyone who has read the book.

And as to Thorpe being fair game just because you suspect he is lying - well, to be frank, fuck you. Do you even remember what it was like to tell your parents you were gay let alone the entire friggen Australian community? The guy is a hero to millions of homo-haters for fuck sake; including my parents.

I hope he does come out.

Look, I'm sorry if this harsh, I normally find your writing witty and informative, and I rarely if ever comment. But I do find it disturbing we, as a community, are dwelling on the sex life of an athlete when there are those closer to power, and able to change the laws that discriminate against GLBTIQQ, who we completely ignore publicly, under the guise of personal privacy.

If we are going to be discussing anyone's sex life, shouldn't be theirs?

At 23/11/06 9:15 am, Blogger Sam said...

Fair go anon - I haven't abused you in this debate and expect the same courtesy.

The allegations of paedophilia in Jonestown are not a right-wing furphy - I've read enough to see how and where Masters implies Jones had inappropriate relationships and dealings with some of his underage male students.

I get your point about outing or not outing public figures. I draw the line at those who directly lie about it, or in the case of politics, speak against queer causes even though they themselves are that way inclined.

But I'd also like to see more high-profile, successful people, like Thorpe, come out if they are gay, and be proud of it. Own it. We're never really going to have full acceptance so long as people feel obligated to stay in the closet for the sake of maintaining or furthering their careers. I realise the fault is not theirs, but I think this is a situation where if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

This post was meant in jest, by the way. Sometimes I just need a break from the 'serious' stuff.

At 23/11/06 12:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I apologise Sam.

Don't know why this hit such a nerve.

At 23/11/06 3:48 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I would like him to come out as gay - he would be a heck of a role model.

Except for the bit where he waited until his swimming career was over to reveal that he was gay - suggesting you can't be a pro athlete AND a 'mo.

At 23/11/06 7:12 pm, Blogger weasel said...

Anon, on what planet has Sam 'outed' Thorpe? It was a joke relating to the fact that there has been widespread speculation on the topic!

Sam hasn't suggested that he has any new evidence that proves ian to be a poof, and no reasonable person would think he has.

If Ian is going to talk about loving Kylie, cooking with his mum, Armani and pearl necklaces, people are going to speculate. Sam is adding nothing to this besides a witty, if unusually (for him at least) graphic piece of imagery.

You owe an apology not just for your venom but your rather hysterical invoking of the word 'outing'.

At 24/11/06 12:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Venom eh? Ouch. That was not my intention. I'm sorry.

And I don't know why I took this so personally. I guess I was trying to get my head around the public right to know/personal privacy/power etc and those ethical issues. And I was disappointed to see the same kind of titilating innuendo of the MSM being played out here, without some more in depth queer analysis.

And I over-reacted. My bad. Put it down to da crack.

Just ignore me as some crazy troll.

At 24/11/06 10:34 am, Anonymous ninglun said...

There's hope for you, anon ;)

I thought Penguin's theory very funny, and it's true wondering about Ian has been wishful thinking and/or speculation for years now. Maybe Ian wonders about Ian too! Who knows?

Good luck to him, I say. I thought he was brilliant at that press conference. And being related to a former gold-medallist who may or may not have been a lesbian, I can empathise with him. She also retired in her 20s, but not as well set up as Ian must be, and made quiet contributions to society through her work up to her too early death (heart problems) in 1996.

At 24/11/06 12:11 pm, Blogger Ron said...

I just have to post this.

At 24/11/06 2:46 pm, Anonymous Markola said...

Yeah, I have to say, even though I would love Ian to be gay just so I could go, "YEAAH! I KNEW IT! I've been saying it for years!", I think I would also vomit in rage at the message it would send out if he did decide to come out now.

As Sam and a few others have said, as an out pro-athlete he could have had a tremendous imapct; but if he was to come out now, the message being sent out to kids everywhere would be that you can't hope to have any success in your career as an out homosexual, and that being gay is something best kept swept under teh carpet.

Frankly, if he does turn out to be gay, he's a complete tosser and not a fit role model to anyone.

At 24/11/06 2:48 pm, Anonymous Markola said...

....because of the message he would inadvertently be delivering.

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