Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tautology of the Day:

"I imagined Renae (Lawrence) as a psychopathic lesbian..."

- Schapelle Corby.


Commence beatings of me with your pre-assembled Ikea products at will, ladies. I know I deserve them.


At 25/10/06 3:39 pm, Blogger M-H said...

Ladies? Who you callin' ladies? :) I figure that you guys get to claim Alan Jones, and we get to claim Renae. It could be worse. We could have had to claim Schappelle.

At 25/10/06 4:54 pm, Anonymous swatschy said...

Yeah, 'cause gay men are so freaking sane, Sam.

At 25/10/06 10:46 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

Dis is funny humour, yes?

At 26/10/06 8:21 am, Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Just quietly, who the hell does Schappelle Corby think she is?!

I was dubious about her before... but now that she's cashing in with a book, and viciously blaming others for her misfortune, she can rot in that fucking cell for all I care.

At 26/10/06 8:49 am, Blogger Sam said...

Oh I agree MM. Schapelle questioning someone's sanity is very much the pot calling the kettle fat, I feel.

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