Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Living in De Nile

(This is SA-related news - all east coast readers can go back to snoozing.)

Less than encouraging correspondence re the 5-years-overdue SA law reform for same-sex couples:

QP writes to Ian Hunter, the only gay in the SA parliamentary village, on Monday:

Mr Hunter,

Another parliamentary sitting week has gone by, and still no sign of the very elusive Bill.

Has Atkinson actually provided Labor caucus, or indeed you personally, with a specific date as to which date in this session the Bill will be re-tabled?

If he plans to either continue stalling the Bill's introduction, or work with the Opposition to filibuster the Bill out of existence, as he did last year, surely it's imperative that the Bill now be introduced immediately - perhaps a joint effort of the Greens, Michelle Lensink and yourself?



Hunter replies:


I live in hope.


Really helpful and encouraging, innit.

South Australia deserves better than the Bible-bashing and/or useless freaks that make up its government.


At 27/9/06 11:05 am, Anonymous David said...

Right On. And, we want the bill that lapsed in the previous Parliament, not a watered-down version as suggested by Atkinson.

At 28/9/06 10:33 am, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam. Pleased to inform that the SA "Same Sex Bill", has been tabled by the SA opposition.

Act 1. Scene 1.

Mike Rann ( hoping to be the next ALP El Presidente): Runs screaming into Mick Atkinsons office "What the hell is going on! Do you know this will make us a laughing stock! ".

Mick Atkinson (Dropping his bible) " Er! What Mike? "

At 28/9/06 11:16 am, Blogger Jacob said...

Bible bashing? Nah.

Useless freaks? Yep.

At 1/10/06 4:32 pm, Blogger Bill said...

Sam, it almost happened as you wished: "perhaps a joint effort of the Greens, Michelle Lensink and yourself?" - except that Hunter wasn't involved - it was Lensink, the Democrats the Greens and an Independent. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Maybe Labor members will be banned from supporting it.

My boyfriend and I got sick of waiting and moved from Adelaide to Tasmania.


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