Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blog Sycophancy at its Brown-Nosiest + True Love

Welcome back, Riza. The boy makes me chortle.

But more worryingly - where art thou, o Jellyfish and MsCynic? I'm suffering serious Chrysaora quinquecirrha (yes, I just Wikied that, duh) and Wanker-watching withdrawl symptoms of late. In fact I'm going to blame this week's lack of own blogging ENTIRELY on them both, for not being around to inspire me. How yas like them apples, huh? Sure, reply, comment, I dare ya - then I know you got no reason not to be blogging. Ha!

(See how I used reverse psychology there? Brilliant.)


Was thinking (yes, that was the odd sound) - you know who understood true love? Gladys Knight. She didn't think twice about leaving behind the Big City Life and Glamour and Shit of LA to catch the Midnight Train to Georgia with some loser she'd met who'd gone to the City of Angels, couldn't get his shit together ("dreams don't always come true", as Gladys more diplomatically put it), and went running back to Hicksville, Redneckton with his tail between his legs.

And why did Gladys do this? Because "(she'd) rather live in his world, than live without him in (hers)".

You reckon Madge would ever do something like that? Reckon Kyles would leave gay Paris and Olivier and follow some bogan back to Moonee Ponds (yeah yeah, OK, I don't know the exact Melbourne suburb Kyles hails from, a trillion gay points lost, whatever)? Not freaking likely.

All the Boomers are spot-on - we're such a selfish, self-aborbed generation aren't we. If Gladys were, you know, dead, she'd be totally spinning in her grave.


At 21/9/06 4:47 pm, Blogger Ron said...

I'll have some of whatever he's had please.

At 21/9/06 7:59 pm, Anonymous Mark said...

I'm pretty sure the Melbourne suburb Kyles grew up in was Camberwell........

Just had to write that.

At 22/9/06 11:03 am, Blogger Riza said...

Cheers Sam, it's great to be back.

At 22/9/06 1:48 pm, Anonymous FKAB said...

Blog sycophancy: Yeah... after a year without hearing from John Howard's blog, I'm starting to think that Janette has grounded him and taken his computer privileges.

Come back, John!!

At 22/9/06 2:33 pm, Blogger mscynic said...

I miss you too, precious.

Stuck down here in BFN2 and had a bit of trouble with a certain company discovering a certain blog post etc etc. Things had to be removed.

I'll be back soon. Just adjusting to my new (temp) life here.

I saw a seal the other day. I've also seen an echidna and a shitload of kangaroos.

There's a wealth of material (for W.O.W) here but how much I can write at the moment is a bit .... er.

*nurses clipped wings*

Will email you soon. x

At 22/9/06 7:43 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Dear old Gladys was very forgiving, I, on the other hand, would have tied the ex to the tracks and waited for the midnight train to Georgia.

At 23/9/06 7:04 am, Anonymous Dave Hill said...

Oooh, Gladys! A lead character in my next novel plays "Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me" on her piano. Shameless self-promotion ends here.

P.S. Hope you're well.

At 27/9/06 3:50 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

Camberwell. I know because apparently she went to camberwell high.

I hope Jellyfish is back soon too!

At 27/9/06 5:46 pm, Blogger Bads33d said...

Random Melburnian moment, having just spent the last weekend there. I think you'll find it's dame edna that came from moonee ponds - there used to be an 'everage court' in moonee ponds market. MP also has one of the biggest beats in suburban melburnia: in the middle of the typically named 'Queens Park'.

Strangely enough, I grew up about two kms away from said haunt of homosexualist and homosexualist-acting peoples. and then moved to inner sydney. coincidence? you bet your kylie-loving co-campberwellians!

At 2/10/06 9:29 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Sorry, Sam - I missed this earlier. Regular transmission should return as of... now!

And thanks for the kick in the pants. Much love x


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