Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stingrays Want Your Children + The Other AX

Oh for fuck's - 'revenge attacks' against stingrays? Yeah, because the evil stingray - which has an advanced level of consciousness that incorporates free will - knowingly and intricately plotted Steve Irwin's demise. In fact if the stingray hadn't have been stopped, it would have continued to murder annoying expatriate conservationists. It is a vicious, sociopathic serial killer, after all.

I'm pretty sure that Irwin himself would be repulsed by this behaviour if he were still around - but it says something about Irwin's appeal that the sort of mongo gorillas who've done this were part of his fanbase, doncha reckon?


From this:

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To this:

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Poor Adriana Obscenities. It looks as though she's set to Lose a Turn driving for 18 months and unless she finds a good money Spinner soon she may end up Bankrupt. If only she'd found a good charitable PR agency to give her some Free Spin, this might not have been such a Surprise and she may not have had to pay Top Dollar in court fees. At this rate she'll have no money left with which to Buy a Vowel. But remember Adriana - consonants are free!

This might be karma. I've still never forgiven Ads for the time she cut in front of me in line at a bank in Burnside Village (think Adelaide's Double Bay/Toorak, with all the accompanying blue rinses, gold jewellery and Range Rovers but about a sixth of the disposable income), using her 'charms' to sweet-talk the chap who ran the video store opposite into letting her jump in front of him (and therefore the rest of us).

Still, I can't help but feel sorry for her. And I think all these puns on her previous career when reporting her current situation - 'Fortune runs out of Xenides', 'Adriana's Wheel of Misfortune' etc - are just tacky and simplistic. I'd never lower myself to that.


At 13/9/06 5:16 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam are you sure that last pic is Adie?

Now Sam "Star of the East" "refugee" from Adelaide. Whilst thou be sending a letter to the beloved Mike Rann, that you are a refugee from Adelaide to Sydney?
The more corrie Mikey gets, might bring him into the real world.

In SA. Apartheid lives!
I you are gay or lesbian.

At 13/9/06 5:33 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I think you're right bazza - Mike only seems keen to want to 'bring back' the str8 SA emigrants - or, more likely given SA's apparent future, the ones who have degrees in nuclear engineering.

I still do my occasional email bit for LGE where I can.

At 13/9/06 5:45 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

I can see an e-bay war coming up with the sales of genuine 'this is the sting that killed our Steve'. It's the cynic in me, or rays are the new gays.

At 13/9/06 6:58 pm, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

but it says something about Irwin's appeal that the sort of mongo gorillas who've done this were part of his fanbase, doncha reckon?

That is a bit harsh, Sam. Surely you wouldn't like to take credit for the postings of your followers, like me for instance?

At 13/9/06 7:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Adriana looks more and more like Portia Turbo every day! Yeah that saucer of milk is for me! :o) Chris

At 13/9/06 11:25 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Touchee, SB :)


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