Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Family First - Last

UPDATE #2: Andrew Evans actually replies to my letter.

"Evans, Andrew"

Hi Sam,
Thanks for your email, from the beginning of our party we have always claimed that we are not a Christian party but a family values party based on Judo-Christian ethics. In summing up my remarks on this discriminatory bill I pointed out the views of other Christians on this issue. I don't mind you presenting anything about Family First provided it is accurate, I never expected to get your vote but appreciate your thoughts.

Andrew Evans

Why am I now reminded of The Life of Brian?

Brian: Are you the Judean People's Front?

Reg: Fuck off! We're the People's Front of Judea!


UPDATE: Because I love to keep up with their latest developments, I've managed to get myself onto the Family First mailing list. Here's the most recent email I've received from them.

Now, before you read this email, bear in mind the following quotes from:

Andrea Mason, former FF leader: "Our policies are not religious policies at all";

Mason again: "...we are not a Christian party...";

Peter Harris, FF Federal Chairman: "...we’re not pushing or driving a Christian or spiritual agenda...";

Andrew Evans, South Australian MLC for FF: "Jesus is our hero, he’s our saviour, and we worship and love him, but in politics, it’s no good me getting up and preaching about my faith, that’s the church’s role."

OK, now read this email, especially the bold part at the end, and then my original posting below.

From: "Family First"

Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 1:23 PM
Subject: Statutes Amendment (Relationships) Same-Sex Bill Passes Upper House

Dear Members and Friends,

It is with great sadness that I must inform you about the passing of the Relationships Bill (giving same-sex couples the same legal rights as married couples) in the Upper House.

At 11.30 pm last night, the Bill passed the Legislative Council - 13:6. The Bill was voted on in the following manner: Those in favour of same-sex couples getting the same legal rights as married couples: Nick Xenophon (No Pokies) Michelle Lensink (Liberal) David Ridgway (Liberal) Rob Lawson (Liberal) Gail Gago (Labor) Terry Roberts (Labor) John Gazzola (Labor) Paul Holloway (Labor) Rob Sneath (Labor) Carmel Zollo (Labor) Terry Cameron (Ind) Kate Reynolds (Democrats) Sandra Kanck (Democrats) Ian Gilfillan (Democrats)

Those against the Bill:
Andrew Evans (Family First)
John Dawkins (Liberal)
Rob Lucas (Liberal)
Caroline Schaefer (Liberal)
Angus Redford (Liberal)
Julian Stefani (Liberal)
Terry Stephens (Liberal)


The bill is now headed for the House of Assembly and will probably be debated within the next few days.

We do not have "the numbers".

What is at stake is the full normalisation of homosexual behaviour in our community, affecting our sons, our daughters and our grandchildren. We pray for a miracle.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Evans


Huzah! South Australia, the little state that could, has passed its biggest hurdle in legislating for same-sex couples - the Legislative Council. Even a couple of Libs voted for it (most, of course, voted against).

Final vote: 13 to 6.

Full credit to Let's Get Equal in SA. They're a bunch of quality people who have worked their arses off against many much better funded, resourced and more populated anti-queer organisations (Festival of Light etc) to get this up.

I was so excited I just had to drop a line to my good friend, Andrew Evans:


I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was to see the Statutes Amendment (Relationships) Bill passed on Monday night despite your objection.

As debate went on and your redundance grew clear, you became increasingly more bitter and offensive in your diatribes against same-sex couples. But the fact that you were only one person in a small dissenting minority when the time came to vote is indicative of how the majority of South Australians reject your type of extremism.

I also wish to thank you for highlighting perfectly what many people have been arguing all along - the duplicity and hypocrisy whenever Family First claims not to be a religious-based political organisation. Credit to you that at least initially you restrained yourself from Bible-bashing in a brave attempt to maintain the charade, but when you began to see you would lose this fight, your truly venomous fangs came to the fore.

Rest assured you have provided us with ample ammunition to counter your party's quite ingenious approach of claiming not be another fundamentalist group. You couldn't have argued our point any better for us if you've tried.

I sincerely hope you are not returned to parliament and that South Australia can be freed of your poison and that of your party as the state finally catches up to the rest of the country.

God bless,


In case you think I'm making any of this up, here's Andrew's final thoughts seconds before the Bill finally got through:

Same-sex couples are receiving this favourable and discriminatory advantage, notwithstanding the fact that studies have revealed that same-sex couples in a primary relationship are likely to be involved with other sexual partners at the same time...As most members know, the Bible, when all passages are evaluated in context, clearly teaches the following: God loves gay and lesbian people, but their activity is a sin. As an imperfect human being, I also acknowledge that I am a sinner and require God's forgiveness and grace for my failures. However, my desire is to please God and to ensure that this state is blessed by God in the best possible way. I will not be voting for this bill.

I guess when you look like this

Image hosted by

...It's only understandable that you'd have so much hatred and bitterness in your heart.

The Bill still now has to pass the Lower House but a bloc Labor vote combined with a couple of supportive Libs (Isobel Redmond and Mark Brindal) should see it get over there without too much difficulty.

Family First does for "family" what Fred Phelps does for Christianity. Any day they lose one of their battles is a day on which you can be guaranteed a victory for common sense, fairness and progress has been won.


At 23/11/05 11:14 am, Anonymous BaznBazza (Crows groupies) said...

Sam. Thanks, we in South Australia could not have put it better .

At 23/11/05 11:41 am, Blogger Sam said...

It's only understandable that you'd have so much hatred and bitterness in your heart.

HAHAHAHAHA! You beeyatch.

At 23/11/05 4:55 pm, Anonymous BaznBazza SA boys! said...

Sam. "Your terrible". Andrews real mad now, you can hear him ! Those F@#*!%@ Sydney queens.

There again what family dos'ent have its problems!

At 23/11/05 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He clearly loves you, Sam. You should have asked him for his gaydar profile.

At 24/11/05 2:11 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

So you're on the list now, just be careful it's not the Christian Boot Camp list. FamilyFirstPenguin doesn't have quite the same ring.

At 24/11/05 3:51 pm, Anonymous stephen said...

I recently got the same email from Evans telling me to right to Xenophon, Lensink et al in order to persuade them to vote against.
I duly did write to explain that not all Christians thought that this bill was in error, and I thought they shoudl vote to affirm commitment and mature relationships irrespective of sexual preference.
I note they all did what I requested! And not followed the hate-provoking policy of AE & FF.
Why do people vote for such fuckwits!!!?

At 24/11/05 4:45 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Excellent question stephen - I guess because like most politicians of his ilk he offers simple solutions to simple people, and uses religion as a veil to conceal the stake he keeps hidden behind.

Will be very interested to see how FF performs at the state election in 2006. I fear due to dodgy preference deals with the major parties Evans might win a playmate.

At 29/11/05 12:34 am, Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

Did the bloke actually write: "Judo-Christian ethics"?

Surely he means 'Judaeo' unless there's some militant martial arts wing to Family First?!

Ha ha!

At 29/11/05 9:21 am, Blogger Sam said...

Email copied verbatim Dread. I imagine there's a few of them who'd like to Judo-chop the dykes when not burning them at the stake...


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