Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yeah? Well, I don't like you either, Iran!

I'm blogging on this about a month late ... but ... According to the Speaker chap at, I'm the equal third-most blocked Australian blog site in ... Iran? 70% of the time. Yup, apparently I'm even more of an external threat to Iran than Harsh!

And considering the company I'm keeping at the higher end of this illustrious list, I'm a wee bit concerned. On the one hand, there's the legendary Ms Fits - no dramas there. But the remaining list comprises the following righties, listed in order of wingnut lunacy (whom I won't link for obvious reasons): Harry Clarke (mostly harmless economist); Kev Gillett (unsettling); Andrew Bolt (bleckh); A Western Heart (often and correctly christened 'A Whackjob Heart' by Jeremy Sear) and Andrew (S)Landeryou, who to my mind is as much a political blogger as a severe epileptic fit is a form of dance.

Not that I'm a regular reader of any of these sites, but I would assume that (apart from Clarke perhaps) all these blokes get in quite a bit of regular Iran bashing while banging on incessantly about 'Islamofacism', their key bugbear. So I can see why they might not be such a hit with the Iranian Government's Minitrue in downtown Tehran.

I'm just not sure why I'm getting lumped with them. At a quick glance, in the 3+ years of QP's existence I've blogged about Iran exactly once - one of my earliest posts, and it was far more critical of Condi Rice and the Bush administration than Iran itself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no great rush to fly to Iran anytime soon, given their recent form with gay teens. Although you wonder why they went to the trouble hanging those young boys, given that according to Iran's president, homosexuality doesn't exist there anyway.

Maybe it's the word 'queer' in QP's title? Is blocking me a way of preventing queer sexuality - which is clearly just a symptom of a sick, decadent western society - from seeping into the country? Are they trying to quarantine the nation from the queer disease? I wish I had been banned for a blog post about the travesty of the aforementioned boys' murders - but I never got around to writing one.

Ordinarily I'd wear regular Iranian blocking as a badge of pride - but I figure those other blokes do, too. And the less I have in common with them the better. Talk about politics making strange bedfellows ...

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At 14/3/08 7:30 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

That's very nasty company you're keeping there Sam.

At 12/4/08 12:25 am, Blogger Terry Wright said...

My condolences.
To be lumped in that rabble is cause enough to quit blogging. It never ceases to amaze me that the nutcases at AWH think that calls of mass murder, ethnic cleansing and hard core racism is considered OK but to love someone of the same sex is complete evil.


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