Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open letter

Dear pervy men who arrive at my blog from 'Holly Brisley Sex Scandal'*,

Please leave. Now. Yes, I did have one - one - picture of Holly Brisley here, once. Over two years ago. But no doubt you'll be devastated to learn:

a/ she was fully clothed and not doing anything remotely degrading and/or involved with barnyard animals; and

b/ I only used a picture in the context of comparing her and her Home and Away character to NatBass and Nat's Neighbours character respectively. Probably the gayest use of a Holly Brisley (or indeed NatBass) online pic ever in the history of the universe.

Furthermore, it was soon brought to my attention by the charming chaps at that I was in fact using one of their photos without express permission, and so I took it down under threat of possible future legal action. There isn't even a pleasant, wholesome, G-rated image of Ms Brisley here anymore, let alone a flash o'gash.

So I'm sorry you've come here under false pretenses - but please don't come again. I could not be more serious - or literal.



*(There is a link here to the offending site if you're really that curious, but be warned, very NSFW - you'll be instantly flashed with booby upon arrival).

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At 12/3/08 8:28 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

There's a funny irony in the fact that this post will probably attract more of said pervy men.

You take photos down if there's a copyright infringement? I reckon my blog must be violating about a thousand different copyright laws in about a thousand jurisdictions. Hm...


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