Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh goody

I see that in opposition, the Liberonals are going to be every bit as professional, well-mannered, courteous and respectful of parliamentary procedure as they were in government.

Guys: You lost. Move. The. Fuck. On.

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At 23/2/08 2:19 pm, Blogger Tom said...

I reckon.

Honestly, John Howard wasn't present at every sitting of Parliament, and the Liberals never said anything about it, nor did Labor.

And it wasn't like Rudd was off lunching with a senior journalist (Alexander, I'm looking at you), he was visiting some crappy povo flood-affected region of Australia. That's hardly a holiday away from parliamentary duty.

I felt most sorry for Anna Burke through the whole thing, actually.

At 23/2/08 3:41 pm, Blogger Ken_L said...

They didn't lose the election, they just didn't win. So they're going to muck up in class until the voters come to their senses and put them back into office.

It worked a treat from 1972 to 1975, but hopefully Rudd and company are a bit smarter than Gough's useless mob.

At 3/3/08 8:57 am, Blogger Miss Eagle said...

What can one say, dear QP? Hapless, sore losers, unable to function without the full retinue of a ministerial office, thorough dislike of the hard slog of parliamentary representation of ordinary Australians rather than strutting and preening at the ministerial press conference. Perhaps it is the fear of the descent into nothingness - and please notice, QP, how good I am in not suggesting whether nothingness is where they might belong.

Blessings and bliss


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