Friday, January 18, 2008

Two things that have shat me this week...

...But have already been better articulated on other blogs before I got a chance to (so I'll keep it brief and link to them instead). Damn you, snow!/all to hell!/stinking ape!/Papparazzo! etc.

1. That 3-year-old thing and his wacky misadventures. (OK, he's 16. You know who I'm talking about.)

Why. The. Fuck. Is. This. Even. News?!

Not just news - Number 1 website hit news. News being reported on the other side of the world. Are people just so collectively lobotomised they don't realise this is EXACTLY the sort of response the little twerp would've hoped for?

FFS, a teen bogan throws a party that gets out of control while his folks are away, and then acts defiantly unrepentant after the event? In other major news, Dog chases cat - PM stunned; World in mourning as 127 y.o great-great-great grandmother of 43 dies unexpectedly and Office quarantined as slighty expired food found in shared workplace fridge - more at 11.

Event, response, perspective, people. I mean, I know why the Herald Scum, Today Tonight (*sigh*, miss Naomi SO much) etc make mileage out of it - it's easy fuel for the 'all youth are scum, stay inside, lock your doors, protect your crochet' truck they like to ram through.

But as munkey nails it:
Perhaps we should consider that what's going "wrong" with today's youth has a lot to do with the fact that every time they turn on the television or open a newspaper, their minds are filled with repugnant mindless drivel.

Drivel such as non-news events like this BS, that create instant celebrity, just add hot water. It's not like it's a slow news week, after all.

As Paul Anka sang, if you just don't look at the giant, offensive advertising statues and billboards, they're powerless and can't continue destroying Springfield.

2. Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell is a cnut. I'm not particularly pro-Diana - I think that maybe, just maybe, over ten years after her death, it might be a nice idea to actually let her be dead - but what sort of man makes his entire career out of exploiting all the 'secrets' a person reveals to him in what was apparently (at least according to him) an intimately confidential relationship? It seems to be the only thing he now has to offer the world, and again, rather than just looking away, everybody keeps feeding him.

It says a lot about the state of the world that it permits a cnut like this man to be in a position to pass judgment on the personal qualities of others, as he did briefly during that Oz Princess thing. (Not that I should really be taking too seriously any program that a/involves Jackie-O in any way, or b/ involves Jackie-O in any way).

As Jacob nails it:
I hope Diana comes back as a ghost and smacks him and breaks his tiny cock for selling out her memory over the last ten years. He's written not one but two (two!) books on her based on his experience as her butler. What, did he just remember some extra stuff the moment the first book when to print? How much information did she entrust to the guy who fluffed her pillow anyway?

Hrm. I'm probably negating my own argument here giving both these tools (Burrell and party bogan I mean, not munkey and Jacob) space on my blog. OK - just not looking.....nnnnnnow.

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At 18/1/08 6:05 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

I sort of agree with you on the Corey Delaney thing, although I think you can hardly blame the media for reporting something that people are clearly interested in.

Yay! A mention in two consecutive posts. Someone loooves me!

At 18/1/08 10:24 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

I never thought I see those words on this blog, you MISS Naomi? The world is doomed.

I read Burrell's first book, half of which was about 'in service' to the Queen. It wasn't disrepectful to anyone so I thought he was entitled to put his case but a second book nailed him as gossip peddler and he lost me after that.

Word verification was definitely a slur on your manhood.

At 21/1/08 6:48 pm, Blogger cvm said...

Agreed on both counts. On 1. I actually am starting to believe that the 'giving people what they want' line from the media won't cut it much longer. I mean seriously these people studied journalism to shovel steaming poop..


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