Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh crap

I have to shave my head. The Australian - The Australian - has given a Vote Rudd editorial.

In fact, Uncle Rupert seems to be having a bob each way - Vote Rudd in the Oz, Terror and Courier Mail (that one I understand, supporting the local lads); Vote Howard in the Herald-Scum and 'Tiser (can't find what he's saying down in Tassie).

Over at Fairfax, The Age's cock is surprisingly soft while the Smuh's pro-Rudd is probably the editorial with which I find myself in closest agreement. Apparently FIN is pro-Howard, which I guess is no huge surprise.

Hard to suss out Rup's agenda here other than covering all his bases. I honestly believed all his rags would sing from the same book as they did in 2004.

Almost as confusing are these bloody opinion polls - 14 point lead to Labor in Nielsen, but only a four point lead according to Galaxy. I guess both are within a 2.5% margin of error, i.e. the average of both would be 54.5/45.5 on 2PP, which has been roughly the overall median since Rudd took over. On the plus side, Nielsen's sample is twice as big as Galaxy's - but on the down side, Galaxy was the closest poll at the last election when it put the Coalition at 52/48.

Look, for certain career issues that I can't really go into on a public blog I can't shave my head just at this very moment. But I will. I'm a girl of my word.

Fingers and toes we're cracking out the Queen Adelaide and footy franks tomorrow night!

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At 23/11/07 12:00 pm, Blogger Ross said...

With their form, The Oz's inexplicable crush on Rudd can only be a dastardly conspiracy by Murdoch's minions to subvert the democratic process at the last moment by swinging votes from the contrarian left. Or something. ;)

At 23/11/07 12:04 pm, Blogger cvm said...

I confess I giggled when imagining your shaven head as I read the editorials this morning...

Can call you Sinead from now on?

At 23/11/07 2:04 pm, Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Bizarre as it sounds, your tonsorial situation was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Daily Telegraph's announcement yesterday evening.

Incidentally, how shaved is shaved? Are we talking skin and bone, or just a nice number-3-all-over crop? Either way, I want to see photos.

At 23/11/07 2:19 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Munkey: All I can say is, nothing like a bit of Number 2 all over your skull :)

Photos to come in due season, as Kevin would say.

At 24/11/07 2:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re MM's comment -
et moi

At 24/11/07 3:43 pm, Anonymous RC said...

The H't Mercury doesn't tick either major party today. I might be wrong but from memory I think it's endorsed Rudd already. It's generally seen as a Labor paper. Makes commercial sense in a strongly Labor / Green city. It veers between being the Age and the Herald Sun. Mercury by name mercury by nature.


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