Thursday, November 15, 2007

Take five

A commenter has kindly suggested this ongoing reasons-to-preference-Labor analysis needs to be broken up with a hottie picture or two. Sorry if this has been boring y'all, it's just stuff I wanna get off my chest before November 24.

Anyways, he's an oldie, but never gets any less hottie:

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I miss Benji. Curse Nikki Whelan for thinking she'll be the next Radha Mitchell blonde Gaybores starlet to make it big in Hollywood (big hair and cans do not alone the actress make, particularly where a vacuum of actual talent is involved).

Curse the Gaybores writers for doing nothing else with Benji's character than making him Pepper's love interest such that when she left, he had to go too.

Curse the Gaybores writers for not having a storyline about Declan discovering hitherto unknown 'special', 'tingling' feelings when Benji, in cop uniform, was arresting (read: handcuffing) him for stealing that car.

A pox on all their Docklands apartments.



At 15/11/07 5:50 pm, Blogger nash said...

I was drooling over Ben recently when a friend pointed out he (Ben) looks like an ex-boyfriend of mine. It put me right orf 'im (but not for long) Woof!

At 16/11/07 8:55 am, Anonymous Rodney said...

Never meant to suggest your commentary is boring. Quite to the contrary. Very focussed. I keep returning to see what's next.

At 17/11/07 7:20 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

Very focussed. I keep returning to see what's next.

Yeah, same. I'd like to comment and add to what you've already written, but it's like there's nothing that you haven't covered in detail already. I'm really enjoying the Top 10 list, Sam.

Anyway. Why are there only fugmos on Neighbours these days? I'm talking about the girls as well, Bridget is a fucking bitch AND she's got crap hair. Ringo's acne scares and amuses me.

At 22/11/07 2:50 pm, Blogger skander said...

Hmmm. Nice.

I have to disagree with jacob though. Gaybours seems replete with hotties at the moment. Granted Ringo's skin is soooper bad, but he's a good looking boy, particularly as they picked him up in a Dolly magazine competition.

Declan too is A-okay, but I do want to do something to his hairline.

Oliver is good looking in a kinda sexless way.

But give me Frazer any day. Any time of day. Swoon.

been a while QP!


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