Monday, October 22, 2007

Worm pun-free zone

Was fun watching Krudd kick J-Ho's tired arse all over the Great Hall at last night's Mass Debate. Krudd's cool, unruffled demeanour shat J-Ho to tears, who by comparison was unnecessarily crusty, flailing his fisted arms about (hitting his mike several times, gold) and often speaking over his allocated time. Way to stick to the rules you yourself set, J-Ho.

The moderator was pretty wet but most of the journos asked decent questions - Paul Kelly actually challenged J-Ho on an answer he gave. Crazy stuff!

Krudd finally addressed the biggest elephants in the Labor room - high interest rates under Hawke/Keating and union affiliation - by pointing out J-Ho's 22% interest rate goodness while he was Treasurer under Fraser. Apparently Latham and Beazley always refused to bring this up because invariably it would also bring up memories of the Hawke/Keating legacy, which both were keen to avoid like the plague. Krudd called it, talked of mistakes of the past on both sides and looking onwards and upwards instead. Nicely played. He also romanticised the union movement with reference to their involvement in James Hardie asbestos compensation.

J-Ho's bovver boys, Costello and Downer, were in the audience and reprimanded for heckling, typifying the standard to which they've dragged down public debate in this country.

J-Ho hates Krudd with a fiery passion, and no doubt the feeling's mutual, but the difference is Krudd doesn't let it show. J-Ho resents that finally there is a Labor opposition leader who can get the better of him. He hates having his authoritah genuinely undermined and looked correspondingly rattled for most of the night. After years of mastering his otherwise woeful TV performance, it was like watching him in '96 again debating Keating.

Of course, the Mass Debate counts for very little where it matters. Howard frequently loses them, often by big margins, but goes on to win elections. Still, this was a key moment of truth for Rudd and he set the bar high for the remaining election campaign. This may not have won him many votes, but it certainly wouldn't have lost him any either.

The worm conspiracy is a bit of a laff. I'd say 'so much for democracy' is a tad hyperbolic, cheers Ray, since 9 was under strict instruction not to use it. Plus it's such a useless gimmick anyway - the figure showing 65% of the studio audience saying Rudd won in favour against Howard's 29% is what matters.

Still, says a lot about Howard's paranoia around public response to his debating that he's so terrified about the worm's use, donut?

Overall, a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope for us most.

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At 22/10/07 12:38 pm, Blogger Ken_L said...

I couldn't fit the debate into my busy schedule - last night had long been set aside for checking that the CDs were in correct alphabetical order - but I was hoping to find out how the candidates felt about the looming World War 3 that the Leader of the Free World keeps mentioning and if we'll be in it and whose side we should be on. But nobody seemed to have bothered asking.

Alternatively I was hoping for a question like "Would you personally give another bloke a blowjob to prevent a terrorist attack?" but they avoided all the big issues by the look of things.

So I'm glad I gave it a miss, but I'm still wrestling with whether to file 'Ralph Vaughan Williams' under 'V' or 'W'. Pretentious bloody Brits.

At 22/10/07 4:36 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

V isn't it? No one refers to him as "Williams", he's always "Vaughan Williams".

Do you sort numbers ahead of "A", or where they'd be if you spelt them as words?

At 22/10/07 7:49 pm, Blogger Ken_L said...

Oh Christ, I've struggled with that dilemma for 30 years. Whenever I look for 10cc, I can guarantee it's in the other spot.

Possibly cos I only look for 10cc about once every 30 years ... :-D

BTW I like your logic about Vaughan Williams ... although I never know if maybe 'Vaughan' is some kind of alternative Christian name ... like nobody ever talks about 'Morrison' so do you file 'Van Morrison' under 'V' or 'M'? The CD racks at HMV and Virgin adopted conflicting practices from memory.

Fortunately Van Morrison gets called up at this place about as often as 10cc.


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