Friday, September 28, 2007

One, two, three, four, could this song shit me more?

Frankly I blame Regina Spektor, I do. Regina Spektor, with her ethereal voice and her piano playing and her dating non-corporeal forms in her film clips. I don't know if she established it single-handedly, but she's certainly played a big part in bringing irritatingly catchy quirk songs to the fore.

As if it weren't bad enough that, for literally days I could not get 'Fidelity' out of my heart - especially of course, the infamous ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah' staccato refrain - now I have to deal with Feist and their odd take on line dancing (see above).

I first came to know of this song during eBay's spectacularly pretentious failure at creating a 'big ad' - that piece of crap with Shiny Happy People tobogganing down a luge in a shopping trolley. Now the good folk of Apple have made it their new Nano song.

So a song that will get stuck in your head instantaneously after one hearing, no matter how hard you resist, is now being repeated ad nauseam for a company that probably has a higher TV advertising budget than any else.

Listen to this song just once and tell me you don't find yourself humming or whistling it, subconsciously, by day's end. G'orn, do it. I dares ya.

I fear to listen, yet I cannot spin my iPod!

Curse your black heart, Regina Spektor.

(PS: I am aware that this is my second YouTube blog posting. I'd apologise, but none of youse had the decency to leave me a message about Mark Walhberg so frankly, you can all go to Hell. Which ironically, is Heaven, because it's filled with self-righteous Christians who've never drunk, smoked, screwed or voted Greens in order to score their golden ticket to the Afterlife. Do you see the irony? I think you do.)


At 28/9/07 3:28 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

Yeah, this one time I listened to her twice. Cause the DJ was asleep.

At 28/9/07 4:54 pm, Anonymous William Bowe said...

Feist is a she, not a they. BTW, the song was written by Melburnian (once of Sydney) Sally Seltmann, from New Buffalo.

At 28/9/07 6:31 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

apres regina, l'irritation.

At 28/9/07 8:14 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Oh goody, there is a plus in still having dial-up connection, I can't listen to the song.

At 30/9/07 6:38 pm, Blogger cvm said...

I'm all the way over here where this song doesn't seem to have struck and look what you've done..



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