Thursday, September 20, 2007

Erection update

Ha! That 'accidental typo' caught your attention, didn't it? (coz 'r' is so close to 'l' ... hmmm ...)

And now that I have it, remember: Check your voting enrolment status. You can do it here, right now.

Looks like J-Ho's gonna drag out calling the election for as long as he possibly can, but taking him at his word (just for novelty), at the latest he should call it around early/mid-October for late November. This week should be the last in which parliament sits.

Don't let Howard screw you out of your right to express your democratic voice. The moment he calls it, if you're not properly enrolled you won't be voting. Don't let him win this election just by sheer cheating alone.



At 20/9/07 4:05 pm, Blogger nash said...

Yep, just got notification that my enrolment details are in order. Bye bye Johnny

btw, erection up whose date?

At 20/9/07 4:07 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Touchee :P

At 20/9/07 7:25 pm, Blogger FireHorse said...

Yes, very clever Nash.

He might not (drag out calling the election) if you heard Peter Costello's little slip up in parliament today.


Vote 1. The Greens.

At 20/9/07 8:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shades of Benny Hill in the post title!
Bling it on!

At 21/9/07 1:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember everyone, it is not only just about Liberal or Labor but whether you want Family First controlling the SENATE. So all of you voters out there , the best way to keep the SENATE from being controlled by religious fundamentalists is to vote For the Greens. WE also have to see whether Labor will preference Family First rather than the Greens. Remember that the only reason that there is a Family First Senator now, is that Labor preferences PUT him there!!!!! Can you just imagine Australia if Howard wins again and FAMILY FIRST COntrol the Balance of Power!!!!!


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