Monday, August 20, 2007

Politics 101

Today's lesson: Turning a one-word answer to a simple question into 45.

Question: Have you ever been to a strip club?

Tony Abbott: "I've done all sorts of things in my time and the last thing I'd do is put my hand on my heart and say that I have never done anything wrong because that would be fibbing and I would rather not fib about these things."

Translation: "Yes."

Rudd's misadventure at Scores gentlemen's club is not serious news, but it shouldn't be completely dismissed either. Clearly it's a leak from Leaky Downer in another desperate pre-election Rudd smear attempt - don't forget, this indiscretion occurred nearly 4 years ago - but if nothing else, it really only reinforces what a nerd Rudd is, firstly that he can't hold his piss, and secondly, according to the two witnesses who were actually there, he couldn't handle the girlies bouncing up and down in front of him either.

Dammit Janet is trying to press the anti-femmo button on it (sorry, can't bring myself to link her - just go to the relevant Oz blog site), claiming femmos will stay silent on this particular PM-to-be engaging in an activity that degrades women because he's closer to their side of politics and speculating that if it were an Abbott, Downer or Nelson in question they'd be first to squeal chauvinism. She may have a point, but Abbott's chauvinism manifests in public policy - opposing a woman's right to termination and birth control - rather than private frolics, as has happened in Rudd's case. That's why the protests against him are louder.

Assuming he kept his busy hands to himself, Rudd has done nothing illegal, nor has he done anything I imagine a lot of senior Labor and Liberal blokes haven't done either. Downer might be shooting his own party in the foot, if Labor now counter-leaks some of the Liberals' private misadventures (particularly where the "girls" at "strip clubs" frequented by at least one Lib minister I know of are a little more ... "handsome" ... than the ladies at Scores).

But it is another infuriating example of Christian hypocrisy: senior pollies playing their Christian cards when opposing, for example, same-sex marriage, as Rudd does, and essentially placing themselves in positions of moral authority and judgment until they decide they want to stick a twenty down a stripper's G.

Not that I necessarily automatically assume women who work at strip clubs are being exploited. I knew one topless waitress in Adelaide who was also one of the most intelligent, empowered, take-no-bullshit women I ever met. Some women are just confident about their bodies, and if they happen to be able to make some cash out of flaunting them (while hopefully developing a more long-term career fallback option on the side), power to them.

Still, a 'purist' Christian like Rudd by definition has to oppose strip clubs, not support them, even during a one-off binge bender. What he's made is a foolish error in drunken misjudgment, but if he chooses to set himself up on a higher pedestal, he should be expected to fall harder and with more pain.

Rudd's still a good candidate for PM in my book - still a far, far better option than the current mug and his flying monkeys, whose screw-ups actually damage the entire nation - but he might want to bite his tongue next time he plays the 'family values' card, especially when elevating straight relationships as superior to same-sex couplings.

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At 20/8/07 6:57 pm, Anonymous OzBender said...

I don't think he's screwing up -- he knows exactly what he's doing, and that's attempting to maintain power, and then consolidate more of it from the states to himself so he can press his "vision" for this country. Which, by the way, involves letting the market decide everything, and ensuring fags and dykes live their lives as tax-paying but second-class citizens.

I despise the c*** and think he will turn this country into his own personal dictatorship.

At 20/8/07 6:58 pm, Blogger non-Blondie said...

Thats one of the things that leaves me both furious and wishing I just didnt care about politics - the extent that religion is entwined with government, and the way that is just accepted. Also hilarious (and I'm sure its a hackneyed point but I'm a hack so whatever) is that the people who set themselves up as the moral standard seem to have the most to hide.

At 20/8/07 7:43 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Lordy Oz, that sounds like a much more apt description of Howard than Rudd to me! You might be right though - time will tell if/when he wins power.

At 20/8/07 11:04 pm, Anonymous Cristian said...

What I'm worried about is what happens if Rudd decides that the status quo with respect to gays is the best way forward. Which major political party will support us? The Greens? Is that enough?

At 21/8/07 8:42 am, Blogger cvm said...

*Some* of the ALP will always be supportive of the queer community as well. Maybe they and the Greens combined pressure will help.

Sam, I love that you have a label for "Christian hypocrisy" - it's alarming how much this is needed at the moment.

At 21/8/07 8:50 am, Blogger Sam said...

Cristian: Greens support is good but won't be enough unless they either hold the Senate balance of power or combined with Labor form a Senate majority, in which case they may have some negotiation clout.

I can't think of a reason why they won't do federally what they've done at a state level and at least reform the discriminatory laws identified in the HREOC report. The next big battle for formalising relationship models will be the next big battle after that.

At 22/8/07 7:34 am, Blogger Adrian said...

(particularly where the "girls" at "strip clubs" frequented by at least one Lib minister I know of are a little more ... "handsome" ... than the ladies at Scores).



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