Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bex and a nice lie down?

In light of the adoption ban, I happened to run into George Newhouse this morning, who was campaigning outside Edgecliff station (before the election has even been announced, no less!) Newhouse is the Labor candidate for Wentworth and probably has a better-than-ever-before chance of turning the blue-ribbon (now hot pink-tinged) seat red than any previous Labor candidate.

Anyway, when I aggressively accosted politely engaged him over why Rudd still hadn't offered a formal reply - rebuttal, even, to the ban - I got the standard reply of a/ Rudd doesn't want an election wedgie and b/ Labor's understanding is that the legislation won't actually be presented in the Spring session, after all. It's a whistle to the fundie vote that won't actually equate to action.

This would fit with other informed speculation about only being alert, not alarmed, to this particular queer bash.

Not that Newhouse, of course, is in any position to know the government's legislative agenda, but it's possible - microscopically possible - that we don't need to worry about this after all. At least, not until the Libs win the election and/or the Lib/National/Fundies First coalition wins Senate control.

That's nice, isn't it?

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At 8/8/07 9:59 pm, Blogger dooga said...

I think the most truly frightening thing is the very real prospect of Family First steering the political discourse in this country. Howard has let them flourish and Rudd so far hasn't seemed to bother much with them (That isn't to say he's ignoring them though).

But I dunno, QP, Howard is a man desperate at the moment. And he does love a good ol' wedge issue.

At 14/8/07 12:49 pm, Blogger nash said...

But I thought Lizzie Birdsworth was the Wentworth candidate...


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