Thursday, July 19, 2007

OK, fine, here it is

Completely random, unfounded prediction that will no doubt be disproved in a couple of days' time - but just wanted to get it out there so that in the miniscule chance I'm right, I've blogged it for proof and posterity:

Voledemort is Harry Potter's real father.

Very Vader/Skywalker I know, but worth a shot. JK keeps banging on about the great significance of Harry having his mother's eyes - by implication, then, not having any of James' features, because...? Also, the mysterious unspoken connection between the two?

*Shrugs* Just a thought.

Either way, I'm just glad it will (presumably) all finally come to an end. Last I heard, poor JK had run out of deserted Pacific islands on which to stockpile the wads of cash.

UPDATE: I know Rowling's personally and categorically denied this possibility, but that alone doesn't convince me otherwise. I think there will have to be some blood connection.



At 19/7/07 2:31 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

At least two flaws with the theory:

1. Voldemort's a "pure wizard blood" fanatic and Harry's mother was a muggle; and
2. Rowling keeps pointing out that Harry's a dead ringer for his father, except for his mother's eyes.

At 19/7/07 2:45 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Yeah, I know. But both those flaws have conceivable counter-explanations. Just like how Buffy (for example) suddenly had a sister, and it had just always been like that, when you write in the realm of fantasy there are always opportunities to negate 'established' plot fixtures.

None of which, of course, detracts from the likelihood that you're probably right and I'm really taking a stab in the dark.

At 19/7/07 3:01 pm, Blogger ozBoi said...

Long lost brother, perhaps ;-)

At 19/7/07 3:37 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

Father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate, perhaps?

At 19/7/07 3:48 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Now you're just being silly.

At 19/7/07 9:29 pm, Blogger Dawei said...

In cases like this I like to quote Lucy Lawless on The Simpsons, which went a little something like:

Nerd: How come in scene 233221 Xena is seen riding a white fleuve horse, and then in the very next scene she is riding a cream arabian?

Lucy Lawless: Uhm, a wizard did it.

It works particularly well with Harry Potter.

I was going to do my OWN predictions, but now I wont. You stole my idea! Hummmph. But I have nothing much to add, except I'm POSITIVE Snape is good, Neville will die, Harry will end up with Luna, and Lupin will admit to Tonks that their relationship is a sham, do some hardcore magic and bring Sirius back from the dead to do some hardcore lurrrrrrvin'.

At 20/7/07 10:54 am, Blogger Sam said...

I'm down with most of those predictions. Lupin and Sirius are definitely gay homosexual gays together, with their primal werewolf play, activity that can only happen 'under darkness' etc.

At 20/7/07 1:20 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

What, no-one's picked that Voldemort's gay. No female action for him in any of the books, Bellatrix makes a great fag hag then there's his mate Lucius Malfoy with that lovely long haired look.

At 20/7/07 6:58 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said...

Or maybe Harry is Lord Voldemort after a regeneration. Or something.
I did a naughty and got that scan off the net .. on chapter 7 already .... but still queueing up like an idiot at midnight tonight to get my copy.

At 22/7/07 1:23 pm, Anonymous Adrian said...

(Peter Pan: Barty Crouch is the one who regenerated...)

At 22/7/07 5:48 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Who on earth with the name Potter, would call their child "Harry".

Then again maybe they where hoping, he would be a market gardener.

At 22/7/07 6:48 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Worst. Prediction. Ever.

But having now read the last book, it's clear Dumbledore was TOTALLY a 'mo. He and Grindlewald were gettin' it aaaaaawn! It's so obvious.

At 23/7/07 8:58 am, Blogger Sam said...

Oh hush, l'il miss read the book in one day.

At 25/7/07 4:51 pm, Blogger richardwatts said...

Sam - have you noticed the lack of gay and lesbian characters in the HP books? There's queer characters yes - such as a transgressive relationship between werewolf and human - but little that could be seen as obviously homo. That said, Harry used to spend a lot of time in the closet under the stairs...


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