Friday, March 07, 2008

Observations from the iceberg

(UPDATE: I uploaded an abridged version of #2 to the Bolta funfest - and got 14 replies within two hours. 2 in support, a dozen in criticism. Funniest one was an accusation of 'childish name-calling' between a sea of 'loser', 'fool' and 'rabid lefty'. Ahh, Boltaholics. Ease the pain.)

1. So John (W)Howard, who would get crusty pants at the best of times when ex-PMs Hawke and especially Keating and Fraser pointed out the many things he was doing wrong during his time in charge, dons the penguin suit to slag off the new duly-elected Australian government before a bunch of Yank neo-conservatives, safely from the other side of the world? Absolutely no concession, by the way, that he may have got one or two things wrong - say, the things that cost him government, his own seat and a legacy that members of his own party are now falling over themselves to disown?

Classy. And the Howard huggers wonder why so many people were both so joyous and relieved to see him gone.

2. Remember that Mark Latham chap? You know, the troubled fellow hated with a fiery passion by Messrs Bolt, Akerman, Henderson etc and Madames Albrechtsen, Devine etc? All paid up members of the We Hate Latham club.

Apparently, however, the WHL club is about to undergo a name change - it'll now be known as the We Hate Latham (Until He Criticises Rudd Or Labor, Then He's Fine) club.

Exhibit A: Oz editorialists.
The Rudd Government's shortcomings have been neatly set out in an essay by former Labor leader Mark Latham. His verdict is that after 100days in office, it is difficult to know what Kevin Rudd is committed to other than symbolism and committee meetings.

Exhibit B for Bolt:
Heavens, I even agree with Mark Latham on the Rudd Government’s first 100 days

And Exhibit C: from the WHL(UHCROLTHF) President, L'Albrechtsen.
Latham is indeed right that "there is no crisis in the private housing market, just the manufactured hysteria of the political class". He is right to point to the large number of Australians "enjoying a quality of housing well beyond the expectations of their parents and grandparents".

So make sure you change your postal addresses, email domains and Christmas card lists everybody - coz it would seem the WHL club in its original incarnation is no more.

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At 7/3/08 4:49 pm, Blogger Lord Sedgwick said...

"Heavens, I even agree with Mark Latham on the Rudd Government’s first 100 days"

Not hard for Andy Pandy, given he's oft hard pressed at the best of times to come up with the odd (well, give him his due, he can do the 'odd' bit) original thought.

(Who was that band I vaguely remember who would have been at top of the Bolta's playlist? Oh yes, 'The Regurgitators'.)

At 9/3/08 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that the Terror is reporting that the State Libs are thinking of drafting Joe Hockey in as leader before the next election. That should make for some interesting party-room conversation considering the spray Uncle Joe launched at David Clarke on the Sunrise program after the Brogden debacle.

And on that note apparently they are chasing John Brogden to run in Bronnie Bishop's seat federally when she retires. Which would see him sharing a party room with one Alex Hawke esquire. Very interesting times indeed.

I wonder if Brogden would even have been considered for a resurrection had it not been for the departure of the dessicated coconut? Seems the moderates are flexing their muscles after all! Chris


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