Friday, March 14, 2008


My column this week was on Oklahoma Rep Sally Kern, a Grand Old Party basher straight out of the fire 'n' brimstone cauldron. She was caught out delivering a speech on the evils of homosexuality to what she assumed was a small, captive audience, but which instead got picked up and earned a star in the YouTube universe. You can read more about her speech here (including the speech itself, if you can stomach it), but choice cuts include:

The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation...

Studies show, that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it's the death knell of this country.

They're going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is the acceptable lifestyle.

I honestly think it's the biggest threat even, that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat.

Pretty charming stuff, to be sure. The reason I've highlighted the last quote is because it is this particularly deranged raving which has inspired this remarkable rebuttal from an 18yo - straight - Oklahoman man whose mother died in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. I almost got a little teary reading this, and as people who know me will tell you, I'm not a teary sort of person - unless ET and/or Mahler are involved.

Tucker's letter demands a reading in its entirety, but here are some of the more powerful, gut-wrenching insights from this young man:

On April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City, a terrorist detonated a bomb that killed my mother and 167 others. Nineteen children died that day. Had I not had the chicken pox that day, the body count would've likely have included one more. Over 800 other Oklahomans were injured that day and many of those still suffer through their permanent wounds.

That terrorist was neither a homosexual nor was he involved in Islam. He was an extremist Christian forcing his views through a body count. He held his beliefs and made those who didn't live up to them pay with their lives.

As you were not a resident of Oklahoma on that day, it could be explained why you so carelessly chose words saying that the homosexual agenda is worse than terrorism. I can most certainly tell you through my own experience that is not true. I am sure there are many people in your voting district that laid a loved one to death after the terrorist attack on Oklahoma City. I kind of doubt you'll find one of them that will agree with you...

As someone left motherless and victimized by terrorists, I say to you very clearly you are absolutely wrong. You represent a district in Oklahoma City and you very coldly express a lack of love, sympathy or understanding for what they've been through. Can I ask if you might have chosen wiser words were you a real Oklahoman that was here to share the suffering with Oklahoma City? Might your heart be a bit less cold had you been around to see the small bodies of children being pulled out of rubble and carried away by weeping firemen?...

The old saying is sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you. Well, your words hurt me. Your words disrespected the memory of my mom. Your words can cause others to pick up sticks and stones and hurt others.

Quite astonishing. Something tells me, however, that even Tucker can't teach Sally Kern the error of her ways. I think she's just a *tad* too far gone. You know, from reality.

(For a lighter pwning of Kern, check out Ellen as well.)

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At 14/3/08 5:07 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Sally Kern has an estranged gay son. It mightn't be true, but if it is then it does a fairly long way to explain her deranged views.

I read that letter on another blog and I had tears as well. Such eloquence! I especially liked the bit about how offensive it is to say that Timothy McVeigh is somehow better than a group of people just trying to secure protection and tolerance for themselves.

It's a shame, therefore, that very few people are venturing as far as condemning Sally Kern's words.

At 15/3/08 4:27 am, Blogger Richard T said...

It seems to be catching. Bishop Devine of Motherwell (Roman Catholic) has been holding forth on the gay conspiracy to destroy christianity. He pillories the sainted Ian McKellen for receiving an honour for his good works when a century ago he would have been locked up. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the poor man if he wasn't so dangerous.

At 15/3/08 2:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacob, the son has responded to the gay allegations with the clarification that he is celibate, not gay.

He does appear to be a bit more tolerant than his Mum, if a little weird.

At 15/3/08 2:09 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

"First of all, no one's sexuality is anyone's business. It is not even my mother's business," he said. "I practice celibacy to give to my God," he said.

Try not to bang your head whilst mincing around in that closet, Jesse.

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