Friday, February 09, 2007

Praise Channing or Damn Channing?

So in the last couple of weeks or so, daily hits to QP have basically tripled.

At first, this got me doing my happy jig, let me tell you. 'I'm vindicated!' I cried out loud, moments before my co-workers at adjoining desks awkwardly shifted away from me. 'I have friends and I'm pretty and popular and suddenly lots of people care about what I think and write and now I'm a political blog heavyweight and...'

The jig was cut short when I realised why my hits had tripled.

Is it because of my biting social commentary, infused with witty rumination on that crazy l'il thing called life?

Pfft - hell no.

In fact, it's because of Channing:

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See, if you Google Image search for Channing, for whatever reason my Photobucket link of this image is the first of its kind to come up in the search results, even though I totally stole it from somebody else.

As I've whinged before, people really do just come here for the pretty pictures.

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Still, that Channing - pretty easy on the eye, ain't he?

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And as someone once said to me, 'when it comes to Channing, everyone should be happy'.

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Meh. I guess there are worse fates in life than being Channing's online photo pimp.


At 9/2/07 5:09 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Lucky you. 12 months ago I posted a photo of a fridge magnet that looks like the cat got jammed in the door and I'm still getting hits for that. Anyway my guys are prettier than your guys.

At 9/2/07 5:22 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

One of your posts appeared in yesterday's MCV. Hope you were paid. Also listed in Pinkboard blogs.

At 9/2/07 6:09 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for that heads-up Andrew.

At 11/2/07 2:32 pm, Blogger Jacob said...

Well, at least you're not getting hits from people looking for "vaginal zits." Channing is hawt; vaginal zits aren't.

At 11/2/07 8:54 pm, Blogger Sam said...

All I have to add is:

Mmm, Channing.


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