Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Poo Smear!

Belated 2007 NY cheerses and thanks-a-lot to all. Sorry for the extended rain delay - I often suffer severe Blog Block over the festytivity season. You know how it is.

Won't bother with the protracted, What I Did For XMas/NY book report. You don't wanna learn, I don't wanna teach you. We get along fine.

In short (shorts):

FAMEWHOREDOM: SX kindly published my end-of-06 recap, 'Cowboys, Closets and Climate Change." Follow the link here, issue 309.

MEDIA: If you're a Sydney resident unfortunate enough to have caught Piers Akerman's latest bout of diarrhoea - gays are irresponsible hedonistic bug-chasers who should be compulsorily circumsised, that old chestnut - my sympathies. For those who haven't, don't read the actual article, just skip here to the comments in which his 'argument' is comprehensively torn to shreds by people who actually have brains.

All I wanna say really is that, like Piers, I also don't think the public purse should be burdened caring for people who choose to jeopardise their health through unhealthy lifestyle choices. You know - like morbid obesity.

MORE MEDIA: Most of youse will know I find 'Tell Us About It Janet' Albrechsten witty, urbane, fair-minded, insightful and accurate. I respect her as a 'tell us like it is' beacon of common sense and an efficient champion of solid, Christian conservative values.

And so, apparently, do the KKK.

Something about judging people by the company they keep?

BOND: Saw Casino Royale and don't get why people seem to be so offended by it. I thought it was good, old-school Bond - back to the basics and dispensing with the almost cartoony ridiculousness of Die Another Day. Daniel Craig is a great Bond - who gives a flying fug that he's blond? Plus, being buffed as he is (albeit somewhat prawnesque/paper baggy*), I suddenly understood why women do throw themselves at Bond so easily. I never got that with Connery or that leather-faced dinosaur Moore, but I got it with Craig - so that's gotta be a good indication of good casting, yeah?

(*Actually - you know what? He's not even paper baggy. He just needs the right angles and lighting and I'd so let him breathe naturally.)

I also liked the break from standard Bond conventions - no 'Q' sequences, minimal gadgetry, no girly silhouettes in the opening titles, and a man singing the title song. In fact, I think Chris Cornell's 'You Know My Name' might be the best ever Bond song - can I get a high-five to that? I also thought Eva Green made a great Bond girl. Right mix of icy aloofness, vulnerability and can actually act. Well - act better than Denise Richards, anyway.

The final third act did drag a bit, but still a quality film.

That's about it for now. Kisses.


At 5/1/07 1:52 pm, Anonymous woulfe said...

I wonder how long it is since Piers last saw his own penis.

At 5/1/07 1:58 pm, Blogger Sam said...

...And there goes the last lingering threat of my hunger. For anything. Ever again.

Thanks Jim :-/

At 9/1/07 7:33 pm, Anonymous Rogs said...

my favourite albrechtsen provocation was when she said that gays are the 'stormtroopers of the left'

you'd think a hard right ideologue with a german name would think twice about that one

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