Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Waving a Different Sort of Wand

Well golly - Harry Potter's all growed up, ain't he?

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Not that I'm into barely legal schoolchildren, of course - I leave that sort of thing to the experts - but can't pretend there's not a small part of me morbidly curious to see the wizard-in-training bare all for Equus, Peter Shaffer's hilarious comedy-of-errors about a 17yo who ritualistically blinds horses (as you do).

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Expecto Patronum, indeed.

I now look forward to the screen debut of Emma Watson's growler in Harry Potter in Hermione's Chamber of Secrets.


At 31/1/07 3:24 pm, Anonymous Adrian Phoon said...

I feel...dirty.

At 1/2/07 10:45 pm, Blogger Arthur_Vandelay said...

I now look forward to the screen debut of Emma Watson's growler in Harry Potter in Hermione's Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter and the Slytherin of Hermione?

At 2/2/07 11:36 am, Blogger Jacob said...

I feel dirty also. But only because Daniel Radcliffe isn't nearly as hot as I thought he would be.

At 7/2/07 11:19 pm, Anonymous wamut said...

And you know in equus, he doesn't just stab horses eyes out, there's weird sexual shit going down too...

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