Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gaydar Guys What I Reckons Are a Bit of Awright

Yeah right. Because you come to QP to read the articles.

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(This guy's my favourite, because he once sent me a message that demonstrated a brain, sense of humour and lack of "you are nowhere near attractive enough to view my profile, ugly peasant" attitude that radiates so powerfully from so many Gaydar beauties. A rare combination.)

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OK, that's it. Nothing more to see here. Return to your homes and places of businesses.


At 23/3/06 10:56 am, Blogger Ron said...

What's with the muscle gym bunny types all the time!!

/start rant

I get really sick of seeing this type in just about all the gay mags and newspapers and on the front of gay novels; I'm sure there are many of us who like slim and normal (average?) bods!!!

/end rant

Yeah ... I know it's your blog and you get to choose!! ;-)

At 23/3/06 11:37 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

Aaawww! Sam, that's so cute, a "be kind to woofies" day. Next week, kittens?

Don't worry Ron, you can rely on me to post something for you.

At 23/3/06 11:53 am, Anonymous Raymondo said...

Are there real people or models? Pic #3 is Luis Barras (or Barron or something) a model/actor from Brazil (or some other South American country)

At 23/3/06 12:06 pm, Blogger comicstriphero said...

Checked 'em all out and it's just as I expected. Still a dyke.

At 23/3/06 12:27 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Ahh. Thanks for that Raymondo, guess it would explain why he was so friendly.

Still, wouldn't be the first time someone's used a fake pic on their profile.

In answer to your question, I have no idea which ones are real or fake. I choose, perhaps very naively, to take them at face value.

At 23/3/06 2:03 pm, Blogger HDZ said...

Phwoarrrrrr!!! Oops. Giggle.


C'mon Ron, this isn't a semi-scientific pseudo-democratic "Who" magazine list of "The World's Sexiest Men". It's just a few pics that our host happens to like.

If you happen to like something different, don't let me stop you. (I live with an importer of 'Bear and Cub' merchandise :> )

Incidentally, I happen to think Gaydar does a pretty good job with the rotating shots on its logon page.

We now return to your regularly scheduled political correctness.

At 23/3/06 2:28 pm, Anonymous swatschy said...

so you got a nip fetish or what Sam? Or are there no hot guys that keep their shirts on anymore?

At 23/3/06 3:44 pm, Anonymous Raymondo said...


Further to my previous comment, Pic#3 is Luis Barra and you can find more pics of him (inc. the one you posted) on

At 23/3/06 3:59 pm, Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Hmmm Mr Sam... you have very "beefy" taste in men.

Frankly if confronted by any of these specimens, I would be afraid of being crushed to death in their mighty arms.

At 23/3/06 6:06 pm, Anonymous Bazza ( Don;t miss Jamie Cullen) said...

Sam mate! You can't beat the real thing. I could'nt raise my glass..let alone you know what! to a poser.

At 23/3/06 8:04 pm, Blogger Ron said...

Sorry about my post above, HDZ and others. Re-reading it this evening, it doesn't have the jokiness that I meant it to have.

It was never meant to be serious or criticise sweet Sam.

Sorry folks. Back under my rock...

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