Monday, February 27, 2006


OK, so I'd never heard of this guy until a few days ago, but it's a shame Ted Baillieu is not challenging Robert Doyle for the Liberal leadership in Victoria. He's quite handsome, in a 11-years-past-my-cut-off, married-with-children, Melbourne Grammar-educated, state Liberal politician sort of way:

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Maybe this photo doesn't give so much of that way, but check him out when he was younger:

Image hosting by Photobucket

A better haircut and less constipated facial expression, and the potential doability is definitely there.

Plus "he has no problem with gay couples entering into civil unions", and a CV of good politics for somebody from his particular party:

"Had he been a federal MP, he would have voted for the abortion pill RU486..."

"He's against capital punishment..."

"On law and order, he says it is important that politicians refrain from public criticism of judges and magistrates over particular rulings..."

"He believes Australia will one day be a republic..."

Certainly makes a pleasant change from the dropkick Liberal Opposition leader we've got up here...


At 27/2/06 5:43 pm, Anonymous S said...

Physically, he's a bit piggy. But yeah, his politics are ok. In fact, he sounds a bit too (l)iberal for either of the major parties.

At 27/2/06 6:37 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Like all politicians he says a lot until he gets the job and by this time next year we'll hear a different song.
(sorry about the cliches)

At 27/2/06 9:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is from a long line of progressive Liberals in Victoria.. The Vic Liberals are far more progressive on social issues than their NSW counterparts. An example, when Victoria equalised all laws for same sex couples bar adoption and IVF the all Liberals MP's supported the bill. Having said that i have no doubt that there are still a couple of old style ideologues within the party !

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