Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blinky Bill

Ahh - so this must be another fine example of the sorts of good manners John Howard is seeking.

Remind me again why Bill Heffernan is still employed and his parliamentary existence financed at my expense?

Oh - he's one of Howard's best mates, you say? That would explain why he keeps getting No 1 spot on the NSW Senate ticket, I guess.

Far be it for me to come to the defence of a National, but I quite like Fiona Nash. Not just because she's one of the women pushing for regulation of the abortion pill RU486 to be taken out of the hands of our parochially pro-life Health Minister and put with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, where it belongs - a stance that wouldn't win her many friends in the Coalition, I'd wager - but because she seems able to think outside the very, very small National square. In her maiden Senate speech she identifies important and often overlooked (by her own party, at least) issues such as multiculturalism, child care, Indigenous health and mental illness, to name a few.

And no mention of God anywhere. My kind of woman.

Bill, on the other hand, should consider a new career. Window cleaning, tree felling, explosive engineering, snake handling or shark feeding should all suffice...


At 8/2/06 11:00 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

After reading what he actually said to her, she was entitled to take his head off.

Loving the Lavender, QP.

At 8/2/06 2:04 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam. Talking about weird pollies, in SA Kris Hanna has now resigned from the Greens, and is standing as an independent.
Now he can do deals with anyone, better than days of our lives!

At 12/2/06 1:38 pm, Blogger Bads33d said...

Personally, I love the BS that Barnaby Joyce threw in to the fray

Senator Joyce has himself been involved in verbal run-ins with Senator Heffernan but said this latest incident was different.

"I'm a bloke and Bill's a bloke. There is certainly a line between how blokes deal with their issues. Maybe I am a bit quaint and old-fashioned in this and how someone should treat a lady," he told ABC radio.

"He should just wake up to himself. You have have got the kiddies at home watching you Bill. It's just not a good like. There are pubs I used to work in, if someone talked like that I would kick them out."

Who could ever accuse him of being conservative and stuck in a 50s mentality?!?


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