Friday, January 20, 2006

Biggified Ping-Pong

Well, it's the season (and gee, wasn't I devastated about Spewwie's loss last night? Oh, wait, no, I wasn't. In fact I think I was table-dancing by the end of it) and as I'm having one of those Mrs Slocum sort of days, the following is random pics of tennis players interspersed with bad double entrendres vaguely related to tennis.

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Got balls?



That's a big long hard one you've got there! Bet you could do some serious pounding with it!



Why do you have grass stains on your knees?



I can stretch very far and have tremendous coverage...



Unfortunately he's come to the net too quickly...


More Jan-Michael

That's a great Head you've got there...



Anyone for doubles?



It's a good, hard surface but thankfully not too fast.


More Marat

He really nails that angle...



I would very much like to have sex with all these men.

Sorry - was running out of ideas. There's obviously only so many double entendres in the world of tennis.


At 20/1/06 2:32 pm, Blogger Riza said...

Niiiiice. I see you've finally come around to respecting the Argentinian god that is Gaston Gaudio...

At 20/1/06 2:56 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Had a hunch you'd be appreciative...

At 20/1/06 3:11 pm, Anonymous Bec said...

What about 'You deSERVE to make (40) love to these men. It's about time for your (drop) shot at them'

At 20/1/06 3:33 pm, Blogger Desci said...

Love it.

At 20/1/06 4:20 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I would very much like to have sex with all these men.

Haha! Subtle.

At 20/1/06 5:07 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Way above your usual Friday standard.

A few more of Juan Carlos would be nice.

At 20/1/06 5:57 pm, Anonymous bec said...

Or alternatively, you could pander to the lesbians amongst us, and post a few of say...Martina, or Jelena, or Daniela. Or..someone else whose name ends in 'na'

Or we could meet halfway and you could post one of Amelie Mauresmo. That will satisfy us all.

At 20/1/06 6:38 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam. One hopes you are not saying! "I am not getting any!".

These are plastic tennis players, a boy on every court!

Really hun! stick with the AFL, at least you will have the opportunity...

And! They know how to play the game!

At 20/1/06 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam the only guy you might have a chance with is Tommy Robredo - his sexuality is an open secret mate. Come to Melbourne and give it a try !

At 21/1/06 8:37 pm, Blogger thecoolestblog said...

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At 23/1/06 3:07 am, Blogger Miss Ember said...

James is quite noice and looks rather like an All Black I fancy. I`m typing from a darts bar in Hiroshima, the eye-sushi here is pretty good too. Pixie boys with pixie hair!

Btw, I like your tropicana penguin.

At 23/1/06 11:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam, you rock and your writing is addictive. Despite your lack of inspiration for this particular post ;-)

At 23/1/06 12:00 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks Vincent - and I tip my hat to you too as the guy who keeps John in check over at DN (you're a very patient person!).

Friday afternoons are generally when I put "inspiration" to bed for the weekend and wake "exploitative soft-core porn" from his slumbers to decorate QP for me. They work quite well together most of the time.

At 23/1/06 4:38 pm, Anonymous bazza said...

Sod the soft porn Sam. You forgot "Our Leyton"! He did go to Emmanuel, so that must give him some status!
Oh! you can be so indifferent at times Sam, when it comes to your own.

At 25/1/06 10:31 am, Blogger Venexstarr said...

you are not sexy

At 25/1/06 11:47 am, Blogger Sam said...

I don't remember claiming I was, Venex?


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