Tuesday, January 10, 2006


A thought: When Ben Affleck - whose name was floated to play me in the biog of my life before it was decided that Gael would be a much better choice - left Jennifer "taco-flavard keeeses!" Lopez for Jennifer "Film career goes up, film career goes down" Garner, was he making a conscious decision only to date actresses or famous women called Jennifer, so that he could keep the Bennifer franchise in business?

This got me thinking of other possible Bennifer combos. Sure, the most obvious ones to immediately spring to mind are Bennifer Aniston or Bennifer Connelly. But what of these?

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Bennifer Love Huge-Tits?


Bennifer Grey?


Bennifer Saunders?


Bennifer Hawkins?


Bennifer Byrne?

Wait - I think we have a winner:


Bennifer Coolidge. Yay!!


At 10/1/06 1:39 pm, Anonymous bazza said...

Sam. Have you been overdoing the Berocca?

At 10/1/06 2:22 pm, Blogger Sam said...

What are you implying bazza - that Gael shouldn't play me? :-( *sob*

At 10/1/06 3:01 pm, Anonymous maddy said...

Bennifer Coolidge is graysh - she does tend to play the same role over again though...

At 10/1/06 3:10 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I dunno maddy - her Milf in American Pie is pretty different from her Paulette in Legally Blonde, which is pretty different from her Amber in A Mighty Wind.

"Thank God for the model trains, you know? If they didn't have the model trains they wouldn't have gotten the idea for the big trains!"

At 10/1/06 4:33 pm, Anonymous bazza said...

OMG! Sam are you hinting you have half breed tendencies?

At 10/1/06 4:37 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

To all those British Aussies with Aussie partners, it has been made known that you will soon have the right through the British High Commission or its consulates, to take up British same sex civil unions. Giving you both full equality under British law.

Could someone pass this on to the prime minature!

At 10/1/06 8:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we are completely off topic here did anyone see the editorial in the Tele today (10/1) dealing with the bannning of Brokeback Mountain in some places in the States?

It was disturbingly sensible. It suggested the religious types seeking to ban the film should "lighten up", implied that the Tele's editor had seen the film and actually liked it and said words to the effect of there are "many people in Australia in such (same-sex) relationships" therefore the film should be shown here. I may have misquoted a little (I only read it at work) but thats certainly how I remember it!

Of course it was offset by the sensationalist article they ran about the banning which ended with a call for people to comment on whether the film should be shown here (as if there is really any question?).

Still I was nearly impressed. CW

At 10/1/06 9:11 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Bennifer Love Huge-Tits? Huge? Tits?
Sam, you've been hanging around the boys far too long.

At 11/1/06 9:03 am, Blogger Sam said...

JT: Probably more likely I've watched Scary Movie a few too many times.

My guess, CW, is that very few people or businesses outside of the true extremists want to alienate themselves from BBM because of its high potential profitability. I wouldn't be surprised if News Ltd has some kind of arrangement with the film's Australian distributors.

At 11/1/06 6:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam - if cynicism were a perfume youd reek of it! (to paraphrase the incomparable Karen Walker)

You're probably right. The Tele had an article today covering Heath Ledgers reaction to the ban - "immature and unnecessary" - being his take on it. They also had a fantastic opinion piece from Vicky Low? (their film reviewer) lambasting the religious types for trying to ban the film (especially in light of the number of violent films released with no comment). She very accurately suggested that it was religious doctrine like this that lead to the situation depicted in Brokeback ie gay mean afraid to acknowledge their sexuality.

Id say they either have shares in the film or someone's been spiking Penberthy's Wheeties. CW


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