Thursday, December 08, 2005

Things I'm Learning This Week

UPDATE: 10. Not that I needed it, but another affirmation why I am correct and just in never, ever voting Liberal.

According to this Roy Morgan poll, Liberal voters' favourite shows include:

Today Tonight

A Current Affair

60 Minutes

Business Sunday


Better Homes and Gardens

The Great Outdoors

Dancing with the Stars

The defence rests, your Honour.

1. When you haven't done squats at the gym for a while, and you don't do them 100% correctly, your inner thighs hurt like shit and you look like a doofus when you have to stop moving while walking to the train station the next morning because momentarily you, literally, cannot move your legs for the pain.

2. Sam is just way, way too similar to me. Same name and similar age (shut up), general profession, colouring, interests (although the heathen does not truly appreciate the sanctity of Penguin), and now that we're net buds we have this habit of typing the same thing at the same time - usually a (fill in the blank with a Simpsons or Oz TV show) quote in response to something the other one has said. Plus we learned this week during a disgustingly hot Sydney summer day that we both have excessive sweat issews. Eww, I know, but this is an illustrative point. We're now investigating any possiblity of swapping-at-birth, Big Business-esque shananigans.

PS - I'm so the Bette.

3. Trying to determine which one of two of your closest friends is lying to you is not fun.

4. When I'm shouting at someone down the phone, I'm able to maintain some degree of Smooth Operation and not allow my fury to greatly overshadow my articulation.

5. It looks as though I was right about J-Ho being the silent orchestrator of the Gerard scandal after all - Peter Costello's very ungracious retreat from the leadership has got to be the proof in the proverbial of this.

6. If there's a medical emergency and an ambulance is called, and if while driving quickly and illegally through traffic to get to said emergency ASAP that ambulance hits someone, a second ambulance must be called to attend to the second victim while the original ambulance must continue to the original emergency. I'd always assumed this was the case but didn't know for sure. Thanks to Harley for the clarification. Just think: driving to an emergency after you've just yourself personally created another one can't be pleasant.

7. There's this great sorta Cheap'n'Cheerful seafood place in Redfern (on Bourke st) called Peter's. The decor is deliciously shoddy and tacky and on busy evenings the bouzouki hanging on the wall, delightfully mispronounced by my mum a couple of times as a "bazooka", takes centre stage (I was there on a Monday night though so missed out on this joyous event). The mood is totally unpretentious, the people who work there genuinely pleasant and engaging, and I had the best calamari there I've ever had in my life. Do youseselves a favour.

8. There are cockroaches the size of kittens in and around my apartment building. I thought I'd seen all that Sydney bug culture has to offer but once again I'm unpleasantly surprised.

9. Headland isn't particularly good. But - scarily, it is one of the better Aussie soaps offered in the last 10 years, keeping in mind Paradise Beach, Pacific Drive, Echo Point, Sweat, Fireflies, Young Lions and the final season of Secret Life.

I've probably learned more than 9 things this week, but as even 9 is above the "learn something new every day" average for one week, I'm still a happy camper.


At 8/12/05 2:18 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I'm so the Bette.

Is that because you only appear attractive "From A Distance"? Har har. (That was for oversharing about my excessive sweat issues.)

At 8/12/05 4:14 pm, Blogger Shane said...

How dare you put Pacific Drive in the same category as Headland! André Eikmeier is hot, even though he now does kids TV...

At 8/12/05 4:48 pm, Anonymous Harley said...

How did you fail to mention that the Morgan poll also found ALP voters heavily favoured soaps, while Lib/Nat voters favoured "lifestyle" programming?

(certainly explains the television choices in our household)

At 8/12/05 4:59 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

I learnt a lot about mens' anatomy today thanks to Harley. Now if I could just find out if the myth about shoe size and the other tiny bit is true...

At 8/12/05 7:45 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Sam: au contraire, Ms Tomlin. It's because, like Bette, "I look goooooooooooood..."

Shane: the dude's also doing Just Right commercials at the mo. Any attractiveness shares he may have had just plummeted.

Harley: the omission was to maintain the pretence that I'm not pro-Labor, just anti-Lib. Yes, I know thanks to the joys of preferential voting we have to be one or the other but still.

JT: Well I do have quite big feet...

At 8/12/05 9:54 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Word about Andre Eikmeyer. He has The Bloat in that cereal commercial.

Haha. Lily Tomlin. Okay, I'll pay that.

At 9/12/05 4:56 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

Post photos.

At 9/12/05 10:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I dont watch any of those shows Sam. Where do I go wrong? Harley, those choices dont necessarliy surprise me - I think some of those people are living a dream.

At 9/12/05 8:44 pm, Blogger rohide said...

Yuk..these shows are actually on television?

Even some of their names sound off! (mind you, Business Sunday does have a perverse tingle about it)

I'm glad I pay my 8 cents + CPI/day and can read things called books

At 11/12/05 11:53 pm, Blogger Brownie said...

1. that's how I feel ALL the time EVERYWHERE. it's almost funny. anyhow, you have my sympathy - feel it doing you good?
2. Mitchum (not the actor)
3. maybe neither. maybe they each have a different perception of the issew, you know, like a divorcing couple.


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