Monday, April 11, 2005

Could He Be?

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...The most beautiful man in the world?


Plain to see, he's the reason that God made a boy...

On Friday I finally stopped being the only male homosexual in the world who hadn't yet seen "Bad Education". What a doozy. The contemporary, queer Spanish take on classic film noir. The opening, "zippy" credits, combined with the Bernard Herrmann-esque violin chords, immediately reminded me of Psycho, and there were indeed a few subtle similarities stylistically and thematically with that and other Hitchcock.

Gael played the equivalent of a femme fatale, and Almodovar sure knew how to film him so as to take any man or woman's breath away. Even when he first appeared in drag as "Zahara", my friend leaned over to me and said: "he looks better than Julia Roberts!" Not entirely untrue, either. No one man should be allowed to be so incredibly beautiful, sexy and talented.

The scarring of Franco-era Catholic education on children is clearly illustrated without being bombastic and the three-tiered storyline, while occasionally at times confusing, keeps the narrative moving with little time to become bored.

This film has a lot without feeling like it has too much. My inner Margaret gives it 4.5 stars, my inner David 4. To Gael Garcia I give my phone numbers, access to my savings account and permission to proceed at will.


At 11/4/05 1:38 pm, Blogger semaphore junction said...

He's really hot, but I have seen better.

At 11/4/05 2:16 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Where? Heaven? :-)

At 11/4/05 7:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous, and yes I thought he looked like Julia Roberts as well !!! Love all of Almodovar's films - QP get law of desire on DVD.. Very good indeed.

At 12/4/05 11:03 pm, Anonymous stonie said...

Don't forget that Gael actually acts very well too, as he did in The Motorcycle Diaries as an impossibly handsome Ernesto/Che.
And he's a man after my own height.

At 13/4/05 9:52 am, Blogger Sam said...

Oh yeah, his talent is part of the overall package that makes him so damn sexy.
PS - I came across some pics of the young Ernesto. He was quite the spunky monkey himself in his pre-mass slaughter days.


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