Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Good News From the Berg

It dawned on me the other day, while writing my latest QueerPenguin rant for SX, that it could be perceived I tend to focus too much on negatives and criticism when I write. Well, seeing as it's a slow news Tuesday and there's not much to nit-pick about, here's some sunshine bursts for youse all.

Homophobic fruitcake Peter Lewis has resigned as Speaker of the SA parliament, as even he was not so blind as unable to see the writing on the wall. One less homosexuality/paedophilia confuser to worry about. His replacement, Bob Such, is on the whole a decent bloke and will hopefully restore some of the credibility of the position and help repair its dignity, ripped to shreds by Lewis through his delusional grand-standing and massive self-serving egotism.
Last month, Labor took the lead in the AC Nielsen poll, but there was little rejoicing in the streets as this poll tends to favour Labor. Today's news, however, that Labor are now also ahead in the Newspoll, is worthy of at least a little jig.

We know that the only opinion poll that ever really matters is election day, and we also know that Labor were ahead comfortably in both these polls for a significant part of 2004 under Latham's reign, and look how disastrously that year ended. What these results indicate, however, is that there is an increasing feeling of discomfort amongst the electorate with the upcoming "Coalition Takes All" 1 July parliament and that they may actually have to watch their arses, even though no-one else officially will be able to do so. Let's just hope these figures are sustainable and not merely part of a Beazley honeymoon.
This is adorable. Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria to miss out on Chucky and Camilla Gorilla's upcoming connubials because of her Ikea (adjectival form of Ikea? Ikealeal? Ikealic?) obligations.

At this rate, the wedding's going to have less attendees than a One Nation branch meeting.
Finally, I found this quote on PJPII worth noting:

It is ironic that Pope John Paul II reached out to other religions so openly, recognising their wisdom and tradition, yet allowed any difference of opinion from the strict traditional Catholic orthodoxy to be quickly suppressed.

From John Buggy, spokesman for possibly one of the world's top 10 most oxymoronic organisations, the Australian Reforming Catholics.


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