Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Desert Storm

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He's not Sir Laurence Olivier; in fact he's barely Adam Sandler. But man is Matt hot.


See? Told ya.


At 6/4/05 12:49 pm, Blogger semaphore junction said...

I'll go get some ice cream to eat off of him :P

At 6/4/05 2:27 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Oh yes. Make mine strawberry please.

At 6/4/05 5:55 pm, Anonymous Oscar said...

A bit on the butch side for me.

At 6/4/05 6:47 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Ya, I find him hot too. Even though I know he's, like, all kind of red-necky and Republican. I'd go a bit of his nude bongo playing (or whatever that scandal was a few years ago) any day.

At 7/4/05 9:30 am, Blogger Sam said...

Eww...Matt is a Rep...Repub...Eww!!! My website suddenly feels so unclean! UNCLEAN!! I heard he calls himself a "moderate" and he's a buddy of that pesky communist Ben Affleck, so I hope that's just a horrible rumour.
Bring on the nude dancing bongo playing!! Something the world clearly needs more of.


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