Friday, April 08, 2005

More Murdoch Media Mayhem

What's happening in world news? Rome is a secure fortress in anticipation of JPII's funeral, Monaco's Prince Rainier passes away, A new interim Iraqi president is sworn in and allegations are rife of massive electoral fraud in the recent Zimbabwe elections, for starters.

But what has Rupert decided should be front-page news on his UK Sun newspaper? What else - that one of his "journalists" (I use the term extremely loosely) can drive a van up to Windsor Castle and plant a fake bomb just days before Chuck and Cam's wedding.

My first thought was, naturally, "geez, all that effort and it wasn't even a real bomb. Damn." I suitably chastised myself for such impure thoughts (wicked, wicked, devilled penguin!!)

I'm just surprised Rupert reckons the world is currently so devoid of actual news that he has to invent it. I'll look forward to reading the Sun in June/July, and no doubt wetting my pants. Oh, and laughing lots too!

Almost as amusing was was the response from toff Metro Police Commissioner Sir Ian "Upper Class Twit of the Year" Blair:

"I am concerned, I am certainly irritated...It looks as though somebody has done something stupid..."

Ahh, but irritated by whom? The Sun "journos" or members of his own force who allowed this to happen?

"Perhaps it is a wake up call, but I would not expect anyone in my organisation to need a wake-up call."

Not that I'd lose a great amount of sleep if someone were to infiltrate the wedding on the day, but umm, actually, I think the fact that people could have effectively assassinated the Queen (who I understand was nearby inside the castle at the time) is probably fairly indicative of a police force - the "premier force in the world at handling events of this nature" - in urgent need of a wake-up call.

"I guarantee it in this way: we are doing absolutely everything that we know how to do."

Somehow, this statement just isn't that reassuring.

If only Graham Chapman were still with us. He used to portray the Sir Ians of the world to perfection.


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