Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This can't be 2006.

I can't be twenty(*blank*) in less than 6 months time. No way.

I was just finally starting to feel like I'd got my head around 2005. Look - I even got myself an iPod and wireless net access and everything! (OK - so that's all a bit 2004, but still...sha'up!)

The good news is that I'm looking back on 2005 mostly positively. I went overseas for the first time, I started QP and its accompanying SX column, I started going to the gym again, I finished the first draft of a screenplay I've been writing on and off since I was 19 and I finally feel after nearly 3 years of living in Sydney that I've settled into a solid posse of top quality friends here that are fun, sexy, intelligent and sincere. Fun and sexy is easy to find in this city; it's the sincerity bit that sets them apart and for which I feel very lucky and grateful.

But overall, there is still a slight malaise. A sense of frustration born from stagnancy, feeling increasingly that I'm growing stale, stuck in the same averagely-paid job for over two years with no immediate career-improving prospects (at this company anyway) and no end to the dark debt cloud over my head (credit + HECS = about 30k). Such work has drained (but not yet totally depleted) my creative mind and made it difficult to write as regularly or even as well as I used to when it was my primary focus.

Then of course, there's the all quiet on the boy front.

Last year I had enough one-nighters, one-monthers, Euro flings and even brief re-connects with exes - not to mention the on-going soap opera with "Jose" - to keep myself amused and my mind off the undercurrent of loneliness that sometimes surfaces at the least opportune moments. But just because you can drown something out with white noise doesn't mean it still isn't there.

But hey - my trip back to Adelaide for Christmas was a great opportunity for perspective. I'm one of the few people I know who does not dread this time of year. I'm very, very lucky to have a family I love and respect (and vice versa) and I probably take them for granted too often when being morosely introspective, sulking over my relatively insignificant issews.

So my outlook for 2006 will be based on this quote from Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera:

"Something new is needed."

New job, new location, new penguins, new shampoo, whatever. I still have enough faith in myself to know I can change things about my life that are unrewarding or going nowhere. Adelaide was a good opportunity to catch up with all its ex-pats, dutifully returning for Christmas, and be inspired by stories of their lives abroad.

On New Year's Eve, my friends resolved that 2006 would be the Year of Cocaine and Fabulous Decadence. I'm not sure about the coke part but I'm definitely down with fabulous decadence in whatever form it may manifest.


Meanwhile - couple of interesting things that happened in my blogging absence to make brief notes on:

Kerry Packer passed away, and anybody who dared to acknowledge the truth about this man and not mythologise him as a god amongst men the way most media outlets did was ripped to shreds.

I did some brief research into what Packer actually did that could be considered at all selfless or philanthropic. So far I've found that he, or at least his publishing company, donated about $8m per year to various charities. And $8m divided by $6.9b is...?

Oh, and apparently he also provided funds for some medical equipment at the hospital he ended up at after one of his various heart attacks.

I won't beat up on the guy after he's dead. In fact, reading him in his own words about his old man - a vicious, mean old bastard so full of hatred and aggression that he put Kerry in the shade - I almost felt a little sorry for him. Like any abused child, he came to believe he deserved Frank's assaults. "I got a lot of hidings, because that's the sort of person I was and the sort he was. I don't ever remember getting one I didn't deserve and there's a stack I didn't get that I should have got." Quite sad, really.

Go Petro Georgiou, Judi Moylan, Warren Entsch, Mal Washer and Peter Lindsay for having the guts to stimulate debate in the Liberal party about civil unions for same-sex couples. It doesn't make me think they'll become any more likely under a Howard government, but they deserve kudos for speaking out when it would have been much easier for them to keep quiet and non-committal. You know, like the Labor Party. Truly, Georgiou is the real Opposition Leader in Australia.

Boo Wilson Tuckey, David Fawcett and Barnaby Joyce for being, predictably, homophobic rednecks. But boo especially Christopher Pyne. Without going into too many details for fear of being arrested for sedition or defamation - but does anybody else think Pyne of all people should keep very, very, very quiet on this particular issue?

Oh look Chris. There's Oprah's couch.

Welcome back to 2006, dear readers.


At 3/1/06 10:25 am, Blogger Sam said...

Happy '06, mister! Word on needing something fun, exciting and new. This year I'm going to get a shiny new body. Yay!

PS: Wow, Christopher Pyne is... a real idiot.

At 3/1/06 10:49 am, Anonymous bazza said...

Christopher Pyne! His he the bloke with the high pitch voice!Hm...hm...

At 3/1/06 10:57 am, Anonymous Harley said...

He was castrated as a child either to preserve his singing voice or in a freak tiddlywinks accident worthy of a darwin award. Either way, it's probably not polite to draw attention to it.

At 3/1/06 4:02 pm, Anonymous bazza said...

Harley. Thats interesting, as we thought they were strange looking earrings his wife was wearing!

At 3/1/06 5:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting and disappointing that no Liberal MP's from New South Wales, the supposedly "gay-friendly" State, are willing to put their names to the push for civil unions.

The articles which have appeared say there are 12 Liberal MPs who support civil unions so I suppose there are probably one or two from NSW but none of them seem willing to be named.

I wonder if their reluctance to speak out has anything to do with the current stranglehold the redneck religious right has on the NSW Branch and the fear of possible loss of pre-selection? CW

At 3/1/06 5:42 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

You didn't disappear entirely, Sam.

Saw your comments at Westernheart, Go Penguin!

Good Christmas for me, Gold class tickets plus food and booze voucher for same.

At 3/1/06 6:09 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam. Are you really pushing thirty? Oh! dear thats when the baggy eyes appear and at Christmas you can only pretend its silver tinsel when the grey hairs appear. Still there doing a repeat of "Murder She Wrote" so you may get an understudy part! God bless poor soul!

At 4/1/06 11:05 am, Blogger Sam said...

Quite likely CW. David Clarke really is the new Joe McCarthy these days.

Few steps off thirty still, bazza. And no dissing of MSW or Angela Lansbury please. I used to love Jessica at that typewriter with the kooky theme tune in the background.

At 4/1/06 11:27 am, Blogger cvm said...

One can indeed count on Brecht.
My favourite for now is:
"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are."
And every word of the magnificent "pirate jenny".

Hoping 2006 is marvellous for you and the rest of the posse.

At 4/1/06 3:49 pm, Blogger mikey said...

Christopher Pyne looks and sounds exactly like the closet-case christian that was in my grade at High School...

At 4/1/06 5:26 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Funny that, mikey :P

At 4/1/06 8:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that Chrisopher Pyne is a homosexual ? Where is Maryse Payne this issue, you ewould think that she would be the first to speak up with her links to the Gay community over the past decade or so !

At 5/1/06 10:28 am, Blogger Sam said...

My guess anon is that Payne would be one of the silent 12 that CW is referring to. I imagine she's doing as much as she can quietly behind the scenes.

At 5/4/07 10:23 pm, Anonymous Paul Edwards said...

There is no doubt that Christopher Pyne is gay. One of his staff members confirmed that they had shared some he..hmm...experiences whilst in Canberra. Of course he is also well known at the Parker Parties in Sydney too.
The real crime is that politicians feel the need to cover up their sexuality. I mean, Pyne was promoted and trots out the wife and kiddies for the paper, then goes about his less public personal life. I cannot stand the hypocrisy.

At 20/5/07 2:23 pm, Anonymous SA Liberal Seuxuality Blower said...

There is no doubt Christopher Pyne Memmber for Sturt in SA is a closet homosexual. This is well know in liberal circle therefore I am privy to this information. It is hypocrisy at the highest level, that ha cant be truthful and honest about this. It is unfortunate that this will ruin any chance of further progression in the party.

At 22/5/07 11:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please remove the slander. Don't encourage David Clarke's homophobes by giving them a forum.

At 5/5/08 10:35 pm, Anonymous pynewatch said...

Chris Pyne once gave me a blowjob so I know he is gay. If I can only score with his wife then I'd be able to claim the whole family! I am a bitch but at least I am out. Pyne is a hypocrite and we need to expose his double life...the man can't blow for shit either!

At 12/9/08 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I hook up with Christopher Pyne. I think he is hot and would love to suck him off...particularly if he will return the favour! Is he a giver or a taker? He has tight buns and a perky little mouth too doesn't he?

At 23/6/09 11:51 am, Blogger John said...

Pyne is Catholic homosexual

I know him in Adelaide and he was well known as a poof

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