Thursday, February 02, 2006


...On the new wallpaper?


At 2/2/06 9:42 am, Anonymous Bec said...

Looks Gay.

What you were going for, right?

I like it.

At 2/2/06 9:44 am, Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Two thumbs up, from me.

At 2/2/06 10:05 am, Anonymous Philip Gomes said...

Yep, really gay.....

Sure you couldn't throw something in there just for us heteros? Maybe an alternative template button for straight viewing. :-)

BTW I love Penguin Miranda on the banner.

At 2/2/06 10:26 am, Anonymous Bazza ( Taubmans Paints) said...

Well! You really can't go wrong with pastels, can you?

At 2/2/06 5:11 pm, Anonymous Ricardo said...

Hmm, subtle yet gay... I like it!

At 2/2/06 5:11 pm, Anonymous kate said...

I love penguin miranda too. The wall-paper is certainly an improvement, but I'm inclined to think the whole thing is getting a bit 'busy'.

You don't do 'template gay writing' so why have 'template gay design'? I know blogger is limiting, and you can get bored with a look after a while, but the plain white you used to have was clean and classy.

Keep the Penguin Miranda, ditch the wallpaper.

Did I mention that I love your work?

At 2/2/06 7:58 pm, Anonymous bad wolf said...

Gay Gay Gay.

Camp Too.

I like it.

Five Stars, Margaret!

At 3/2/06 8:36 pm, Anonymous zhasper said...

I happened to see the new wallpaper when i looked at your site to view a full post (damn these partial-text feeds *grrr*) and felt vaguely dirty

I couldn't figure out *why* I felt vaguely dirty, but I just felt that your site was suddenly not the kind of site one should read in public.

I have now managed to figure out what was causing this feeling...

Three words:






At 4/2/06 9:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Phillip's suggestion that you include a "hetero" alternative wallpaper.

As I said to one of my straight friends who was feeling uncomfortable about having to watch the gay sex in Brokeback Mountain just get over it! We get bombarded with hetero lovin and straight sex 24/7 so you can just watch it and deal with it and if you dont like it Ill bend you over the cinema seat, spit on my hand and...well you get the idea.

No offence Phillip - i wasnt really outraged by your comment - just amused! CW

At 6/2/06 8:42 am, Anonymous Stu said...

I dunno, Sam. Designers the world over have been groaning in disgust since Adobe introduced the ‘emboss’ filter into Photoshop.

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