Monday, February 06, 2006


Oh, almost forgot. To those who went to the Mardi Gras launch on the Opera House steps Friday night - drinking excessively will only numb the pain for a short while but it won't obliterate the memory. Believe me, I've tried.

And for those who didn't make it and might be wondering what they missed out on - think of it as missing out on "Golden Showers" night at a SOP venue. Not such a great loss.

(Not meaning to oppress any QP readers who might be into the Golden Showers of course, go Just thought it was an apt analogy.)

Again, it's probably best to let (24) others speak for me on this one.

There'll be the usual recriminations, smug gloating about the death of MG and "if you didn't like so much, why don't you get off your arse and do something about it, huh?" All I'll say is that this was my third MG launch and the first where a fee ($10) was required. And last year's, with its long queues for alcohol being the main source of anguish for its detractors, still at its worse did not have people leaving in droves after the first hour, such that I believe the original crowd there was halved less than 2 hours into this year's.

At first I thought I was being sexist, that my objection to Sarah McLeod's five songs in a row and the crap spewing out of Sister She was indicative of my latent lesbophobia.

Nope - at least 4 women have complained about it on SSO too and none have yet piped in to defend it.

At least everybody was appalled and disappointed equally, I suppose.

Still, I plan to volunteer my time for MG and catch as many flicks and live performances as I can. I'm just thinking more and more that the MG party, even at the "discounted" price I'll get a ticket for (the bargain student price of $79), will be a heart-breaking flop like this one. I might just accept that Resistance is Futile and do what all the cool kids seem to do these days - make an appearance at the march, skip the MG party and go straight to Toy Box the next day.

It couldn't be any worse. Literally.


At 6/2/06 6:15 pm, Blogger Gay Erasmus said...

Completely with you on this, Sam.

Disappointment hardly seems the word, does it? I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened Friday night. Luckily, a great night on the Strip post-Launch has almost erased the memory. (I should add that this involved a fair bit of drinking. Sweet elixir, sweeter oblivion.)

At the same time, I still can't help but feel a little sorry for the NMG board. Disasters are, well, disastrous for everyone, even for those responsible for them. I spotted a certain NMG board member talking to people outside Battuta later in the evening. He looked as shocked as the rest of us, like Dr. Frankenstein lamenting his own monstrous creation.

At 6/2/06 6:19 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Guys next November come and enjoy Adelaides feast, it aint Hollywood(Sydney Mardi Gras)but its great fun, very social and lots of talent.

At 6/2/06 6:24 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Hate to say this guys but the best fun and show is in Melbourne and Adelaide. Why? because the people who organise are not diva's.

At 6/2/06 7:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there too QP and have to agree.

I think the real problem came down simply to choice of entertainment. The weather and technical difficulties couldnt be helped (giving MG the benefit of the doubt).

The entertainment seemed geared solely towards the girls but even the dykes around us seemed bored and embarassed particularly by Sista-She. Had anyone actually seen them perform in an MC type capacity before?? Whilst they may have had some (ahem) musical talent they clearly had no adlibbing ability whatsoever. I was cringeing all the way through.

As for Sarah McLeod obviously a very talented lady but hardly appropriate music for MG. Again even the girls seemed bored.

If they wanted real talent that would appeal to the girls what about Sexy Galexy who can deliver a good line as well as any queen. Speaking of which how about something for the boys next time? Please...

No one should give up on the MG festival altogether though as my partner and I went to "Kylie, Canapes and Cocktails" at the Powerhouse on Friday night and it was FABULOUS. Great food, great booze, genuine entertainment and cute boys - what more could you ask for? CW

At 7/2/06 10:44 am, Anonymous Jason said...

I was at the Launch too and I felt sorry for the speakers who were relegated to after the woeful entertainment. Wikety-wikety-wak!

I know it is all too easy to criticise but I can't understand why NMG can't find a venue where we can come along with our BYO and picnic and watch/listen. I know the Opera House Forecourt might be "out there" for all to see but if they put so many restrictions on (only 1 bar!) then find somewhere else. How does Symphony in the Park do it?


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