Thursday, June 02, 2005

%^&* - Botswanan for FUCK!!!!!!!

QP is still not getting any better. I realise I'm more of a blog addict (or should we just be called "bloddicts"?) than I assumed, as being unable to post - or being able to post, but not really able to see my words on my site and/or reply to visitors - is really giving me the McShits.

I'll fly blind and get this posting up, only because Nik has requested this of me and I thought it would be rude not to reply.

01). Total volume of music files on my computer? I actually believe this question is more of a masturbatory pissing contest designed to find out who has the biggest hard drive (and yes, in this regard - and this regard only - mine is quite small). As I'm operating from a near-dead 98 machine I only have about 500-600 songs. New laptop is on the post-Euro To Do list.

02). The last CD I bought was...Best of Eurythmics.

03a). The last song I listened to before writing this was...Infernal, "From Paris to Berlin". It's a smite gay.

3b). Song playing right now: Only in my head - the Elgar Cello concerto as played by Jacqueline du Pre.

04). Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me.
1) See 3b
2) Barber - Adagio for Strings (and because I don't want it to count as another one: Albinoni's AFS)
3) Garbage - You Look so Fine
4) Portishead - Roads
5) Planet Funk - Chase the Sun (extended version)

05). Which five people are you passing this on to?
1) harley
2) sjusju (who's done the book one but would still be interested to see her moosic too)
3) munchy
4) Rodney
5) Occasional Screaming Queen


At 2/6/05 5:23 pm, Blogger j(aded) said...

Heh, talk about a boomerang! I got this one last week... see my post This does however give me a chance to include my five favourite dance tracks of all time...

1) JSTO - I Just Wanna Fucking Dance (Wayne G Heaven mix)
2) Motiv8 feat Jocelyn Brown - Riding on the Wings of an Angel (Wayne G Heaven Anthem Mix)
3) Daphne Rubin-Vega - Rocket Man [Dezrok Club Mix]
4) Kina - Girl From The Gutter (Hex Hector Mix)
5) Mary J. Blige - No More Drama (Thunderpuss Mix)

Hmmm... speaks volumes!

At 3/6/05 2:26 am, Blogger Nic White said...

#5 is quite addictive isnt it.

At 4/6/05 4:59 pm, Anonymous Bazza ( le Crows groupie) said...

Sam. What is the matter with you, throwing dramas over a PC like a Drag Queen who can't find her "Slap".
How are you going to cope on a 26 hour flight to Europe, carry on like this and you'll need more than valium Chuck!

At 5/6/05 2:49 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks bazza, I can feel the love :-O

A 24 hour flight is nothing, I understand long flights. I don't understand why QP is now the only site on my computer which won't work. It's just frustrating is all.

At 10/6/05 1:46 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

Oh - thanks! as long as you promise to do the book one as well - is that fair?

My apologies for being so slow - I've been a bit distracted by the "real world" - have moved in with el prima & her kids and become domesticated! once we get the computer set up at home I can be start being a good blog citizen again.

will put the music one up soon!


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