Thursday, May 26, 2005

F$%kin Naomi

I knew it! I knew there was a reason why Naomi Robson fell into my Orlando syndrome (refresher: named after Orlando Bloom, insatiable need to slap some people hard across the face as soon as they open their mouths) every time she closes her eyes and says so sincerely and with such feeling of heart: "I hope you have a great evening, please take care, and goodnight."

As I suspected, undernearth the pearls and loving facade she is a foul-mouthed, uber-bitch diva.

I guess I'd be aggressive and temperamental too if I made my career bathing in the bowels of gutter tabloid tele-journalism, trying to uphold my "credibility" and keeping a straight face while reporting on the battler mum from Kingswood who lost 93 kilos eating frozen fish fingers before the evil bank foreclosed on her caravan and her out-of-control ADHD children started a riot that razed the heartless petty bureaucrats at the local council to the ground.

Nobody does the editorial "hmmmmmmmm" and raised eyebrow better than Naomi. She must watch Rob Sitch playing Mike Moore on Frontline before each ep of TT, assume it's an instruction manual rather than a satire and take to the desk.

Assuming she actually went to journalist school, I'd like to track down the lecturer who saw great potential in the young Naomi and recommended she continue in the profession. Man, I'd give him/her such a pistol-whippin.

So yeah, I don't like her much.


At 26/5/05 2:10 pm, Blogger j(aded) said...

Maybe the now-defunct Lotto Lady (Alex Wileman) will make a move to the more serious, I mean, lighter side of lifestyle & entertainment programming, that is Today Tonight.

At 26/5/05 2:27 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Even Lotto has more integrity than TT. At least it's accurate.

At 26/5/05 2:56 pm, Anonymous Harley said...

I strongly recommend the dance remix, found at

[doing my best to sound like comment spam]

Personally, I think she should dump the Frontline immmitation and adopt a more Drop The Dead Donkey facade.

At 26/5/05 4:13 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Oh that's precious. I look forward to dancing to it at Arq in the coming weeks.

At 27/5/05 12:35 pm, Anonymous Zakalwe said...

Next MardiGras the marching Naomis, with expletive speech bubbles... ;-)

At 28/5/05 12:02 am, Blogger Jeremy said...

Actually, I don't think she sounded as bad in the audio as the transcript read. She wasn't doing a Brooke Vandenberg.

At 2/6/05 11:39 pm, Blogger Bads33d said...

honey. i have better naomi stories than that. i dare any of you to walk up to her and ask her about her blotchy skin.

a friend of mine who works at seven - specifically on transcribing TT for closed captioning - used to constantly tell me about NaiNai's obsession with her complexion. apparently she spends the whole time during any segment sending in the makeup clowns and ripping them to shreds if it isn't perfect.

pity the poor assistant to THAT woman.

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