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So finally, Bree's troubled son Andrew came out last night as the little homo we all knew he was likely to be. Well actually, he didn't come out as such, just got caught with his pants down (literally) by Susan playing with Gaby's latest gardener.

In case you missed, the object of Andrew's affection is one Justin:

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I only wish I had Gaby's "dilemma": Who do I want to "trim my hedge", Justin or John:


(Mental note to self: Get a house that has a garden. Then get a job that pays me enough to employ a gardener.)

Now, this posting isn't all just gratuituous eye-candy.

Pfft. Who am I kidding.


Ack! Bad penguin. Behave.

My point - I remember having one - is that can you imagine the casting cough for DH? The homosexuals who write, produce and direct this show must surely have a say in who plays Gaby's latest gardener, and on what criteria do you think an actor might get a role on this show? His ability to evoke the spirit of Olivier in his diction and projection? His Hoffman-like versatility? A combination of Pacino and De Niro-esque fire and intensity?


Sure. It's all about the diction.

So it looks as though we homos are back in prime-time again. Not just DH, Doctor Who is getting a little bit gayer too. No big surprise since this series has been re-invented by QAF creator Russell T Davies, but to be honest - and I never thought I'd say this - I think this is the problem with the latest series of DW: It's just too gay. I don't want to give too much away, but future episodes involve a prophetic vision of Botox, a Britney Spears song, a bi-sexual captain flirting with Chris Eccleston...All this on top of the killer wheelie bin we had to endure in Saturday's episode. One loyalist friend of mine insist this is just DW finding its latter-day camp niche - let's not forget Jon Pertwee and his frilly velvet full-body suits or crap producer John Nathan-Turner and his see-them-from-space Hawaiian shirts, after all - but there is a difference between a universally-appealing camp aesthetic and the nudge-nudge, wink-wink homo in-jokes with which Davies is infusing this series. There are actually straight fans of DW. Honestly. I went out with the brother of one once. They deserve a little more credit.

Can't see many homos on this installment of Big Brother, however. I did hear a mildly amusing joke on the radio, however:

Q: What come in a pair and can usually be found in a closet?

A: The Logan twins.


At 24/5/05 11:29 am, Anonymous Harley said...

I met a straight Doctor Who fan about 12 years ago. Just the one. Oh, and my father was a boyhood fan; presumably he was straight too.

By comparison, there might also be a few gay fans of Blokes World. Would you suggest taking out all of its gratuituous T&A references?

The only way a show like Doctor Who could continue to be relevant in this century is by making the most of its natural assets: cheap sets (or at least the expensive digital equivalent thereof) and camp wit.

At 24/5/05 11:55 am, Anonymous Zakalwe said...

Dr Who has always had a camp sensibility, and i'm sure there would be as much of an outcry from fans if there was no camp as there was from the possibility of no Daleks. ;-)

At 24/5/05 12:29 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Dr Who will be camp when I see a Dalek in DRAG!

At 24/5/05 12:34 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Yes...But as I said, there's a difference between camp and gay. I like the (I think it was Susan Sontag's) definition of camp: failed seriousness. And what made original DW camp was, amongst other things, cheap sets/props, the Doctor's flamboyant costumes and hammy acting - none of which feature in this new series.

And really, the paramount era of the show - the Tom Baker/Leela/Romana I years - wasn't all that camp, not compared to Pertwee anyway. I guess the TB/Sarah Jane years were a little "colourful", but nothing like this new season.

I shall have a chat to my own brother about this, another hetero fan (looks like that makes 4 all up). I have a hunch he'll agree with me here.

At 24/5/05 12:34 pm, Blogger Sam said...

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At 24/5/05 12:38 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Urgh, don't even get me on this season's Dalek episode bazza. It's...It's...Just not good.

But yes, a good idea. My geek friends at work and I once devised via internal email a Davros supershow, whereby he came out on his wheelchair surrounded by semi-naked Daleks (we didn't know how a Dalek could be semi-naked but they had headbands too) to belt out "I Am What I Am". Possibly he was wearing comedy breasts too. Oh, it was quite a vision.

At 24/5/05 2:59 pm, Anonymous Zakalwe said...

Doctor Who was never intentionally made camp. Thats why its camp. ;-)

I loved the new Dalek episode. The Dalek redesign is excellent, and I loved the positive/negative beam effect homage to the old series.

An idea i've always thought would be good for a Mardigras entry one year is "Queer Daleks for Reconciliation". Rainbow coloured Daleks with a hot pink Emporer Dalek. ;-)

At 24/5/05 3:38 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Ok - SPOLIERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (read on at peril)

Sorry Zakalwe, we'll have to agree to disagree re: "Dalek" as I found it disappointingly anti-climactic.

The Doctor is reduced to a petulant child, the Dalek is barely a menace (and yes, I realise this was the point of the story) even after, as you say, it's been so brilliantly re-designed (finally, the toilet plunger has a proper function!) and once again Rose emerges as a far more heroic character than does DW. Much as I really like Rose/Billie Piper, the show is called "Doctor Who", not "Rose", but she continues to be a more multi-layered, brave, interesting and well-written character than the actual hero of the show.

The idea of both Doctor and Dalek as last of their respective races cheats viewers like me who aren't so huge fans that they kept reading the novels between the show's hiatus, but do know the history of DW as it's been presented on TV. I had little sympathy for the plight of either since as far as I knew they were making the "Great War" up on the spot. I can only assume they will actually produce the episode where Gallifrey and the Time Lords (and, apparently, the Daleks) were all destroyed, and show that some of the new-and-improved Daleks escaped to remain a menace to the universe and not the lost little boy Dalek in this episode.

Honestly, what's next? Cybermen teaching pilates and group hugs?

At 24/5/05 4:02 pm, Blogger j(aded) said...

I read that both Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper aren't returning for the second series? There goes a huge camp factor...

Now, let's get back to Justin & Andrew can we?! :)

At 24/5/05 6:23 pm, Anonymous Zakalwe said...

I havent read all the books either. The idea of the Time War was introduced in second episode 'The End of the World', as 'Dalek' was the sixth, we're only getting bits and pieces of information, now we know it was between the Time Lords and the Daleks. I think the point of the episode was to show how much the Doctor could be like the Daleks in his predjudices, even though he's right! ;-) We almost start to feel pathos for the Dalek, until at the end we realise its so racist/speciest that it destroys itself because of the contamination of Rose's DNA.

There's more about the Time War that we obviously dont know, and it may have something to do with "Bad Wolf" which keeps reoccuring in various places in the new series. I'm guessing its going to be part of larger story arc and we'll learn more as the series goes on.

The Dalek may have been "barely a menace" (even though it wiped out all the guards in the bunker, not hard I guess), and yet they were a huge unstopable evil menace, thats why we love these demented salt and pepper shakers! ;-)

At 25/5/05 7:34 am, Blogger george said...

*hiding eyes to avoid spoilers*

I loved the first new DocWho, although the Doctor has always been asexual so I'll wait to see how deviating from that norm works out.

Oh, and I only watch Desperate Housewives for the articles.

At 29/5/05 5:08 pm, Anonymous ironbark said...

I was always suspicious about the relationship between the Doctor, an older man jumping around the Universe in a blue box, alone with Jamie, a younger man who wore a skirt.

And of course then we could mention Adric....

At 30/5/05 1:30 pm, Blogger Sam said...

No let's not mention Adric. In fact let's just ignore him all together. You know, like everyone else did :-)

At 30/5/05 6:44 pm, Anonymous Stonie said...

A DH rather than DW comment: the reference to the "casting cough" may have been a typo, but it adds a delightfully medical slant to the casting process. Think about it.


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