Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sacre Bleu, Allo Allo, Citroen, Yoplait...

...Renault, allons enfants de la patisserie, french kissin' in the USA...Yes, it's all been a bit French Fields of late. I've spent the last day trying to nail down cheap accommodation close to Le Marais (apparently the gay/Old Paris arrondissement) that doesn't look like the sort of place that might have patterned bloodstains on the wallpaper, but won't leave me bankrupt for the three days I have there either. Anyways, it looks like it's Mary's Hotel pour moi.

Found out that I will be arriving from Rome at Beauvais airport, which is apparently "two dogsheds stuck in the middle of nowhere 60kms north of Paris". Doesn't inspire me with huge confidence but I guess this means I'll get to see a bit of country France, if nothing else.

I'm realising my French is a lot rustier than I assumed it would be. The map of Paris was really scary.

Any advice from old Paris-been-tos - especially good pubs and clubs to check out (I reckon even I can get to L'Arc de Triomphe and La Tour Eiffel without getting lost) - will be muchly appreciated.


At 25/5/05 6:14 pm, Blogger Dawei said...

When I was there Buddha Bar and Kong were huge, but are now probably shit and passé. You can never tell with those wacky French.

At 26/5/05 10:09 am, Anonymous Bazza (Viva Le Crows) said...

Marys place looks ok.
When in Rome and Paris do not sit at a table inside or outside for a coffee or a drink, you will choke on the drink, at the price they charge you. Stand at the bar with all the other butch guys. Eating out try the cafeterias the foods good and much cheaper than the cafs.Beauvais Airport when I was last there, was a tin shed in the middle of nowhere and over an hours drive to Paris through very bland scenery.Have a great time and remember if its not on its not on!

At 26/5/05 10:41 am, Blogger Sam said...

Yes thank you mum :-)

At 30/5/05 6:50 pm, Anonymous Stonie said...

May I offer two suggestions for cultural tourism? Avoid the obvious like the Louvre and try the smaller galleries - even the D'Orsay. And visit Pere Lachaise cemetary - an odd place to go, but oddly fascinating (Wilde and too many others to mention). Bon chance.


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