Monday, July 31, 2006

Smuh Fame Whoredom

So for the second time since I relocated to Sydney, The SMH (or "Smuh") has deigned to publish my insane, nonsensical ravings:

Fascinating. In defending the latest predicted interest rate rise, John Howard claims that no leader has ever been able to foresee natural disasters or rising petrol prices ("Rate rise won't be our fault, PM tells fearful MPs", July 27). Yet, in 2004, Mr Howard was able to foresee that interest rates would remain lower under his Government than they would under a Labor government.

It sounds like the Prime Minister should take his crystal ball back to the shop. Clearly, it's not functioning at 100 per cent efficiency.

Sam Butler Woollahra

Admittedly, it's two from five, so I only have a 20% batting average. Still, interesting that I only seem to get a look-in for publishing when I stopped being Sam Butler, Stanmore and started being Sam Butler, Woollahra. Methinks the Smuh has a soft spot for the "charsoes" (chardy socialists) of the inner east of Sydney who don't actually reckon John Howard's sun shines out the proxy arse of Malcolm Turnbull.

(On this, however, note The Poll Bludger's fascinating analysis of Wentworth, floating the delicious possibility of this seat having a greater chance than ever before of having its Blue Ribbon strangehold severed. As I said to him, however, I just can't see the Double Bay/Bellevue Hill matrons accepting a Trot as their federal MP, no matter how much they dislike Howard and how extremely far right he's taken their beloved, theoretically moderate party. Still, you gotta love the thought of the Libs' Golden Boy losing a gift seat after just one term!)

Or, more likely, they were just having a Slow Letter Day.


At 2/8/06 2:30 am, Blogger mikey said...

I'm sure Turnbull is safe, that is, if the Right-Wing of the NSW Libs aren't plotting to oust him.

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