Friday, July 07, 2006

Exfoliate! Exfoliate!!!

See, this is inevitably what happens when you let the creator of Queer as Folk resurrect Doctor Who:

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These homos just can't help themselves. Here, there, everywhere, it's all about The Agenda: Convert, Convert, Convert!!

We see you Davies, shaking that ass. What's next - the TARDIS materialising in the middle of a FOAM PARTY?!


Seriously though, Season Two's pretty damn good - fixes up a lot of the teething problems of Season One quite admirably. David Tennant is far and away the spunkiest Doctor of all time. Some fantastic special guest appearances (Pauline Collins, Zoe Wanamaker, Anthony Stewart Head, Penelope Wilton, Maureen Lipman, Shirley Henderson etc), the touching return of arguably the best DW companion of all time, the less touching return of the Doctor's second-greatest foes and production values on par with a Hollywood action movie.

Not quite as gay as Season One but still has its "moments". Avoid the episode "Love and Monsters" (which will show on the ABC in about 11 weeks' time) like the plague, it's Russell's spectacularly awful attempt not just to mix his QAF and Casanova sensibilities into DW but actually overpower with them. I guess the guy's allowed to fuck-up once or twice but how the BBC managed to green-light this story I'll never understand.

And no - there aren't really any gay Daleks. Quite a tantalising concept though, innit?


At 7/7/06 1:32 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

What about the "we still have a sex life" gag at the end?

Mmm... inappropriate.

At 7/7/06 8:07 pm, Blogger Gay Erasmus said...

I *lurve* the new season. Quite apart from the sharp scripts, the nifty dialogue, the classy villains, the superior special effects, the cameo from Sarah-Jane Smith, and the rapport between the Doctor and Rose...I want to have David Tennant's babies. And his wardrobe. And his sonic screwdriver.

Is that too much to ask for?

At 8/7/06 8:37 pm, Blogger JahTeh said...

Season two is looking great.

At 10/7/06 8:33 am, Anonymous Dave Hill said...

Excuse me, but do all Australians have such excellent taste as you? We Brits are often told different, you know...

At 10/7/06 9:03 am, Blogger Sam said...

Dave: Nope, I'm just uniquely piss-elegant :P

At 10/7/06 12:29 pm, Anonymous Robert said...

in answer to "whats next" on the camp stakes...having just failed to tell Rose he loves her the Doctor then immediately has another woman in his tardis. I know some gay men who are as fickle in dating, but NOT MANY.

Plus - Darleks with names. Shakka-Darlek, Poopsy- Darlek and Tinky-Winky-Darlek. Camp me up Scotty.

Finally, I dispute you are unique in your piss-elegance. Your just louder about it.

At 10/7/06 8:39 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I also confess I find David Tennant rather spunky.

At 11/7/06 1:50 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Oh my god, my whole house is so obsessed with this show. And with David. On the weekend, I may or may not have bought from the newsageny the Dr Who sticker book, aimed at children aged 5-12. Oh, you can laugh if you want, but who is the one with David Tennant and Captain Jac stuck on their phone cover, eh? ME, THAT'S WHO! HAHAHAH!!


And speaking of gay subtext, we just watched a very tedious double episode involving Mickey, who we loathe, and some blond chap who looked he was from Westlife. The two drove off to Paris in a van together. I'm just sayin'.

At 11/7/06 2:49 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Rise of the *that particular race of baddies* tedious, Jelly? Harsh. I thought it was great, 'specially as a kind of preview to the finale two-parter.

Never really liked Mikey much either until he was tied to a chair in his underpants. Suddenly he became very attractive to me...

And go not just homoeroticism, but interracial homoeroticism!

Westlife guy is a massive fudge-packer in real life too, so it's not so much subtext as a blaring doomsday siren of homosexualosity, really.

At 12/7/06 10:48 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

How awesome was the trash-talking between *one particular species of Dr Who villains* and *another particular species of Dr Who villains* in the last episode?!

"******* are superior to ******* in only one respect - in DYING!"


"You would wipe out the ******* with only four ********s?"
"We would wipe out the ******* with only one ********!!!"

So hilarious. So very hilarious.

At 14/7/06 4:45 pm, Anonymous kate said...

yeah, so we downloaded all of the season so that we could watch it earlier than the regular Australians, it's not as if that makes us The Biggest Nerds in Melbourne. it just gives us a decent shot at the title...

and jelly - stickerbooks? fantastic! I am coming to your newsagent immediately.


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