Friday, May 12, 2006

Better than Nothing

...Just: Civil unions now available in the ACT. This was the easy part, however. Now we wait for Attorney-General Burns to tent his fingers and purr "excellent" as he contemplates his sinful plan to piss all over the Act.

As I argued in SX this week - in fact, you can now read the PDF of my article (p 7) as it's published in the mag - the great irony of this is that one of the most fiercely anti-gay fundo lobby groups, the Australian Christian Lobby, actually ended up supporting a piece of legislation that would have recognised same-sex couples and allowed their relationships to be legally formalised. Granted, the ACL only did this through supporting the Tasmanian model as an alternative to the Stanhope Bill - the same approach of the ACT Opposition - but I dare say if you'd said 5 years ago the ACL does not oppose legal equality for same-sex couples - in fact, it actively supports this concept - there would have been much merriment, pointing of fingers and "pfffftbwhahahaha" from all sides.

Funny how things change, innit.

Oh, while you're at the "This Week" section of SX, check out the letters section (p 9), 2 of which have a go at me for my anti-David from BB piece last week. Indignant letters! I feel like the Devine Miss M...except, you know, human. And with a pulse. Although, Mingy did actually write a column this week praising Bill Shorten. Miranda, calling a union leader a "class act"? Miranda? Miranda Devine??!

Funny how things change, innit.


At 13/5/06 1:53 pm, Blogger mscynic said...

Wonder how much she'll love him when he contests for Leader of the Opp, as in The World According to Barnaby Joyce.

At 13/5/06 6:12 pm, Anonymous Robert said...

How I love the Penguin. It saves me so much time in the week to get insightful political commentary AND big brother updates - all from the one place.

At 14/5/06 1:41 pm, Anonymous Ninglun (Neil) said...

I noted Ms Devine as well, my take being: "...And poor Bill Shorten has just had the kiss of death from some people’s viewpoint: Miranda Devine has said he is a 'class act'! But it’s true: he is. And if he is ambitious, good luck to him."

At 16/5/06 9:24 am, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

Miranda obviously has the hots for Bill. This shold be fun. Strange couplings make great spectator sport.

Mmmmmm. Just thinking about it brings to mind those luscious thoughts of Biggles and Cheryl making love noises together. Holy Santorum!


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