Thursday, April 13, 2006

Find Your Heritage

So thanks to my new best friend, MsCynic, I came across this My Heritage site, where you can upload your photo and get an instant face match with celebrities.

Now, I don't mind that the celebrity I apparently most resemble, with a 67% match, is

Image hosting by Photobucket

Couch-jumping, closet-case has-been now, sure, but always delicious pre-Our Nic.

I also don't mind having a 64% match with

Image hosting by Photobucket

He'll always be the poor man's Laurence Olivier, but he was married to Emma Thompson, so he gets brownie points too.

I DEFINITELY don't mind having a 62% match with

Image hosting by Photobucket

coz, duh, he's freakin' hot.

I am, however, a little concerned with the 66% and 62% respective matches with

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

Not because I'm a good ol' boy from Alabama or anything, it's just that, unless my mum got up to some shenanigans in 198- that she hasn't told me about, I'm not in fact African-American.

I'm also a little concerned about my 61% match with

Image hosting by Photobucket

Not just because of his fondness for khaki, but because currently being the Prime Minister of Denmark would, I imagine, be as nerve-wracking as being Salman Rushdie.

My greatest, sweat-inducingest fear, however, relates to my 62% match with

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yes, apparently I look more like the Flying Nun than I do a person who actually HAS a penis.

Do you like me, everybody? Right now, do you REALLY like me?

Meh, check it out anyways. Good fun for a boring rainy afternoon when you're doing flap-all work break from working relentlessly hard to contribute to the success and functionality of your workplace.



At 13/4/06 5:04 pm, Blogger HDZ said...

Not fair. You get the cute ones.

I get a 66% match with Jessica Alba, a 59% match with finnish drummer Aki Hakala (if I put my glasses on) or 59% with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds if I take them off.

That is just the presentable ones. "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" anyone?

At 14/4/06 1:45 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

AW, Sam, did it have to be Tom Cruise?
I always think of you as 6'4" not 4'6".

At 15/4/06 1:01 pm, Blogger mscynic said...

I would have suspected nothing less.

I don't make new best friends with ugly people.

P.S. I also got Chaka Khan.

Chaka. Khan.

Must be the soul in me.

At 17/4/06 9:27 pm, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

Extremely funny, Jahteh!!!

At 17/4/06 9:35 pm, Anonymous marvs said...

Being a fan of the way Tom Cruise looks (mind you not a fan of the way he acts), and thinking that you sam are quite cute yourself i thought this website was quite acurate...that was until it showed you as a look a like to sally field...very funny...thanks for the laugh...


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