Friday, April 28, 2006

Saving Private Kovco + Shut Up, David

This is very, very strange, for 3 reasons:

1. How exactly does a Browning 9mm pistol discharge by itself? And if it didn't happen accidentally while Private Kovco was cleaning it, why did Brendan Nelson initially claim this was the case?

2. How was the wrong body flown to the other side of the world? Why were the relevant documents imposing strict identification procedures never signed?

3. John Howard is apologising and actually taking full responsibility for something.

It's easy and sometimes fun to play the "Blame Howard" game and blame him for just about anything, or connect him in some way to what's wrong, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style, but for once, I don't think he is actually directly involved in this particular cover-up, if indeed that's what's going on. His guilt only extends to the point that he originally sent Australian troops to Iraq for a fraudulent war.

However, somebody, somewhere has either fucked up royally or is doing a very poor attempt at covering up a deliberate murder or accidental killing.

Either way, you've gotta feel for the Kovco family. I wouldn't be able to begin to imagine what this must feel like. Poor sods.


Hip-hop hoo fuckin' ray, the little bareback mountaineer finally came out to the other housemates.

Typically, one of the other HMs, Camilla, turned the issue on herself and her problems, whinging that David had unfairly flirted with her and led her on. Sorry girlfriend, but it ain't his fault if your gaydar needs to be taken to the repair shop.

In David's counter-whinging explanations as to why he initially kept the "big secret" to himself, he pointed out how there are still laws that discriminate against gay people.

No shit, Sherlock - and which party is one of the strongest supporters of such laws? Your good mates at the Nationals.

I don't care if you want to be one of those fags who sells out the sisterhood by voting conservative and saying that you don't give a shit about queer politics, there's more to you than just your sexuality, why should your sexuality define your politics, yadda yadda - but don't be a filthy hypocrite about it. If you're genuinely troubled by the injustices and inequalities facing queer people, and you're going to speak publicly about them, be part of the solution, not the problem. Don't be an active member of a political party that thrives on inequality and homophobia, you stupid bint.

Also, his sister is saying that his parents already knew he was gay, but that David didn't know that they knew. How selfish is that, thinking you're outing yourself to your parents on national TV?! I certainly gave mine the courtesy of a sneak preview before distributing the press releases.

These nothings who suddenly think they're something because they're on television also think such big announcements adds to the dramatic effect, but frankly if he genuinely loves his parents, he could show them so much more consideration.

Sure, it's nice that this season's TF (token fag) is something other than some kind of gym worker, but this guy's doing nothing for me.

Dino, on the other hand: mmmm.


At 28/4/06 11:48 am, Blogger Sam said...

I certainly gave mine the courtesy of a sneak preview before distributing the press releases.


And Dino is definitely do-able too. But I still like poor little David! Go easy on him, he's a simpleton from the country.

At 28/4/06 12:44 pm, Anonymous Jason said...

I think he would've realised that his parents knew he was gay otherwise why would he go on Big Brother, why would he be involved in Mardi Gras floats, why would there be pics of him (during MG) floating about, why would he cry about his mother "being able to hold her head up high about her son". OK, I think he is cute so perhaps I am making excuses but what his sister said could all be spin by BB/Endemol/Ch.10/etc

At 28/4/06 12:45 pm, Blogger Arthur_Vandelay said...

How immature are these folk that they develop intense emotional attachments with each other AFTER FOUR DAYS?

At 28/4/06 5:17 pm, Anonymous Snowy ( A mans man!) said...

Bulldust! We all knew in the Bush that Davo was a shirt lifter. Crikey the high heel boots were a dead give away .Also what bush bloke wears those Calvin klingon undies that split yer crutch, Blimey even Noelene caught on when she chased Davo down Murraburra high street with her knickers on her head! Yep thats right, Davo says to her " Sorry mate got a headache", so she cracked him with a tinnie and shoved her knickers down Davos mouth. Poor old Davo he could'nt even blow the cornet in the town band after that!

At 28/4/06 7:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave did say in his little speech to camera after coming out that he had "discussed it with his Mum" before coming in so i assume she had an inkling. I thought his speech was quite sweet but then again Im a sucker for a hot guy who cries!

What I think is bizzare is his decision to pash one of the girls in the house just ONE DAY after coming out. WTF? He wasnt even pissed. I know some gay boys like to experiment on the other side of the fence and party pashes in the BB house are a dime a dozen but seriously - just one day after coming out on national television? Weird! Then again maybe Im just an old fashioned unreconstructed fag who doesnt go in for that opposite-sex malarkey. Chris

At 30/4/06 12:02 am, Blogger Snarky Platypus said...

They really do only cast one type of gay male on TV...

At 30/4/06 12:32 am, Blogger Snarky Platypus said...

With regards to the other issue, I've had my suspicions about the Kovco case ever since the military quickly made it known that they had recruited the widow to help with the "terms of reference" of his death. It was a curious thing to emphasise.

I'm actually not surprised at this. The Australian military is generally a very competent outfit, but they're not good at dealing with anything that involves "issues" with their soliders. Maybe this incident isn't related to that, but considering the misinformation spread by the authorities, you get the feeling that there's a strong possibility it is.

John Howard's use of the S word - well I think it says a lot about his perception of the value of lives of different groups in our society.

At 30/4/06 3:06 am, Blogger John said...

BB star David *should* be an active member of the Nationals, if only to change them. Get involved, David! Become the next Deputy PM! Show 'em how it's done.

At 30/4/06 10:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was an article on about David being gay-bashed in Queensland. It contains a fantastic line typical of the Murdoch press: "Farmer David Graham, 26, who is the early favourite to win the show, paid an almost fatal price for his lifestyle.". Yep thats right - not his "sexuality" or "sexual preference" but his "lifestyle". Im surprised they didnt say "an almost fatal price for his choice of lifestyle" which is how the conservatives usually like to promote it! CW

At 2/5/06 9:57 am, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

How immature are these folk that they develop intense emotional attachments with each other AFTER FOUR DAYS?

You must be getting old AV. You can fall in love in an instant.

At 2/5/06 12:24 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Perhaps SB - but I don't think any in this particular batch of HMs has the emotional depth, maturity or capacity to love anybody other than themselves.

At 3/5/06 11:16 am, Blogger skander said...

RE Kovco:

Hasn't "while cleaning his gun" been a euphemism for suicide since, erm, the mid-1800s?

What stinks is a: the cover-up and b: that it's all been played out in public.

At 4/5/06 12:10 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

From the SMH article:
"For that reason the best backed of the females has been the mother-daughter combo (Karen and Krystal), in particular the mother," Daffy added.

"Trying to read between the lines, I reckon she'll be the last girl to go unless something astronomical happens."

"Something astronomical"? What, like an asteroid landing on the house?

Wait, that's a great idea.

*Dials Channel 10*

At 24/4/07 2:31 am, Blogger anna said...

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