Monday, April 24, 2006

Token BB Posting

UPDATE: Looks like I was way off - apparently it's David, the country thing.

Reality check for those of you undertaking the equivalent of typepad ejactulation at the mere thought of this man:

David: I believe in equal rights, however I'm a committed member of the Nationals.

Oh, girlfriend. We gotta talk.


I stopped genuinely giving a shit about this show after the second season. This should be my one and only BB posting - I leave incisive commentary to the experts - and the only reason I'm bothering this time 'round is that this year's brat-pack of shallow, self-absorbed tossers do at least appear to be hotter than the last couple of season's worth.

So, let's just get this out of the way and then we can move onto relevant stuff. Who do we think is the big gay homosexual?

I reckon it's either Dino

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("I put off having a girlfriend for a long time because I was not ready (school, money, work, and other commitments). Now I am ready because I have organised my life and have everything in balance but have not found the right girl to be slightly serious with. Being single is ok, but girlfriends are nice!" QP: Girlfriends are nice - wtf?!)


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Because the first part of his name's "gay" (heheh),

...or Jamie

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("I constantly have at least eight girls on the run at a time and start relationships every few weeks, which end when I realise they are not 'the one.' QP: Because none of them have cocks?

I still talk to nearly all of them, as I do form strong attachments with them. QP: Best ex-gf-turned-fag-hag friend story to relate at his 30th: "We actually WENT OUT TOGETHER, can you believe it?! But when I walked in him taking it up the chuff from my little brother I realised we were only destined to be non-sexual soul mates. Why do I ALWAYS fall for the gay ones?!! I need cake."

And during the courtship period I cannot put a foot wrong, leaving them with an impression of a gentle, nice guy, which I believe, but for circumstance, I actually am. QP: Gentle, nice? How about "sensitive"? "In tune with my feelings?" "Blackhead-free"? Stupid poof.

For two years now however, I have been unable to take a relationship past two months." QP: See earlier, cock-related comment.)

Plus he looks not unlike the totally gay video-game superhero, Xandir, from Drawn Together:

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Yup, my money's on Jamie as the fudge-packing bandit.

Didn't catch the opening night - can anyone inform me whether or not Gretel's still capable of facial expressions?


At 24/4/06 1:45 pm, Blogger mscynic said...

Mmmmm .... I am totally stumped on this one. My boss knows him though and I am working tonight so hopefully I shall find out then.

Stay tuned.

At 24/4/06 4:23 pm, Blogger mikey said...

It's none of those, I reckon it's David, because;

* He runs an organic farm,

* He talked a lot about not having a "partner" and how it's hard to find "someone" when you live in the country.

*Today, the Courier Mail said he was spied out at The Wickham and The Beat the other night and he was getting "friendly" with another guy.

At 24/4/06 5:30 pm, Anonymous Baz & Bazza (Crowettes) said...

Oh my oh my! What a diverse lot we are.

I would take umbrage however, to be a $3.50 favourtite on Centrebet. "Odds on " or I vote green!

At 24/4/06 6:21 pm, Blogger HDZ said...

I am sure I saw a float at this year's Mardi Gras featuring Gay Nationals...may even have been from Queensland...or am I misremembering?

There was definitely a float of cute country boys there. I wonder if David was one of them ;-)

At 24/4/06 6:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont be too harsh on him Sam - its amazing the loyalty the Nats inspire amongst farming folk.

A dear, dear friend of mine who makes Carson from Queer Eye look butch actually votes National! Its all because he grew up on a farm near Port Macquarie and his parents drilled it into him that the Nats are the farmers friend. I have have been trying to enlighten him about the Nationals poilcies on homos but it makes no difference. I have also tried politely reminding him that he has lived in inner city Sydney for 6 years now and is never going to move anywhere even remotely rural but he wont be swayed. I think its a combination of hsi folks conditioning and his own political apathy sadly.

At least poor old David has the excuse of actually living on a bloody farm.

And speaking of gay farmer/rural folk dont forget to tune in to Australian Story tonight for the real life gay cowboy who was in the SMH a few weeks back. CW

At 24/4/06 8:45 pm, Anonymous Stilgherrian said...

And this article in the Herald Sun seems to clinch it. David, it seems, is known on the Melbourne gay scene as well as Brisbane's.

But the big issue is "So what?". Someone is gay. And this is a big deal because...?

At 24/4/06 10:13 pm, Blogger Snarky Platypus said...

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At 24/4/06 10:16 pm, Blogger Snarky Platypus said...

Dedicated to the Nationals? Isn't that like hitching yourself to the Titanic? (ok, maybe a bit of hyperbole there)


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