Wednesday, June 15, 2005


So this time tomorrow, I'll be waiting for the call that Royal Brunei flight 194 to Bandar Seri is now ready for boarding. Or, more likely, sobbing as I try to flag down a cab and race back home as I realised I've forgotten my passport or some such. I guess I'm just preparing myself for the worst. Call it classic Taurean stoicism. Or uptight anal retentiveness, your choice.

Have just scored some free accommodation in Piccadilly for the first leg of the trip (without having to resort to drugs or prostitution, no less), and extra poundage in London can't be a bad thing.

I'll endeavour to keep updating QP on a semi-regular basis. The SX column will (theoretically) continue since, as my editor kindly pointed out, it'll just be me out of pocket if it doesn't. And considering I'm going to be broke as when I get back (this trip has only been made possible through taking 2 weeks' unpaid leave), I'm in no position to knock back additional revenue sources. Something tells me the first thing on my to-do list when I get back is to get a properly-paid job.

Anyways, cheers, thanks a lot to you all, I look forward to keeping you posted on all my misadventures.

Sam xo


At 16/6/05 9:37 pm, Anonymous Phil of Armidale said...

Just remember, Royal Brunei is a nog alcohol airline. What is international travel if you're not off your tits? Of course you might have liked to know this several months ago when you booked....


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