Monday, February 21, 2005

Werri-What the? #2

Further to my previous speculation, the Libs are officially not running a candidate for the Werriwa by-election and Labor is "worried" they could lose the seat to the Greens as they did with Cunningham. Personally, I think this is just the ALP scare-mongering current Labor voters into not protest-voting Green, whose primary vote in this seat was only a little over 3% at the '04 election.

I've also tried to get my head around why the Libs would not run a candidate in a seat I believe they'd have a strong chance of winning, despite the safe Labor margin. I can only conclude that Howard does not want to give Beazley any kind of victory so early into his leadership renaissance, even if the "victory" involved the Libs cutting the margin from around 9% to 1% on 2PP so that the Labor bloke who got in just held the seat for Labor by the skin of his teeth.

Seems quite petty for a man who's probably going to be PM until 2010, but there we are...


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