Friday, February 18, 2005


Hillsong church, aka Power Ballads and Pop Stars for Jesus, has received almost $800,000 in grants from the Howard government since 1999. 800k is probably an entire English department in a provincial university slashed out of existence. J Ho himself opened Club Christ in 2002 and the candidate who won the Blacktown-based federal seat from Labor in last year's election was a counsellor from the club.

Perhaps the Libs set up a secret SMS slosh fund to help Guy "Jesus groupie" Sebastian win Oz Idol too?

To show I'm not completely blinkered, however (and to paraphrase Nigel Powers: there's only two things in this world I can't stand - people who are intolerant of other people's politics, and John Howard voters), kudos to Petro Georgiou for his plea of compassion and call to end the horror show that is mandatory detention. Looks like that prediction is coming true of moderate Libs taking on the responsibility of trying (and no doubt failing, but they have to say they've tried) to keep the government from going rancidly right as the post-July 1 absolute, unfettered power - Power!!! Mwuhahahahahahaha - kicks in and the left/centre Senate minor parties become redundant.So far on my Christmas list is Petro, Dr Sharman Stone, Mal Washer, Warren Entsch and Sen. Marise Payne.

Meanwhile, Pope Tony Abbott III, Eric Abetz, Ron Boswell, Kevin Andrews, Santo Santoro and Alby Schultz can look forward to their usual pile of hot steaming elephant turds, gift-wrapped at David Jones, under their chrissie trees.


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